Saskia Reeves

Saskia Reeves (* 1962 in London, Great Britain) is a British actress. It was drawn up in London by its Dutch nut/mother and its English father, that are likewise an established actor. Already early it interested in the looking plaything and visited themselves London Guildhall School OF Speech and drama and with considerable directors such as Mike Leigh, Stephen Poliakoff and Nicholas Hytner already worked.



  • 1981: Life bitter sweet ones (A Woman OF Substance) (mini series), with Deborah Kerr, Liam Neeson
  • 1987: Metamorphosis, with Tim Roth
  • 1999: A Christmas Carol - the three Weihnachtsgeister (A Christmas Carol), with Patrick Stewart
  • 2000: Dune (mini series) (franc Herbert's dune - the desert planet aka the desert planet), with William Hurt, Alec Newman, Uwe ox farmhand
  • 2002: Suspicion
  • 2004: A LINE into the sand
  • 2005: The COMM other: Virus

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