receipt: Satellite, cable, DVB-T, DVB-S & DVB-C
of countries: German-language areas
entrepreneurial group of: ProSiebenSat.1
business guide: Dr. Roger Schawinski
Erstausstrahlung: 1. January 1984
program type: Full program

satellite-to-receiver telecasting GmbH
Upper barrier route 6
10117 Berlin

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the Sat.1 satellite-to-receiver telecasting GmbH is a private television station with full program, whose seat is in Berlin. The society is a daughter of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, whose founder the Leo Kirch set off meanwhile is. The momentary managing director of Sat.1 is Dr. Roger Schawinski.

Similarly Sat.1 can either over Satellite or all German cable systems to be received. With the introduction of DVB-T the similar radiant emittance available in some regions was stopped. Also, where no replacement was created by DVB-T. Additionally to the terrestrial digital radiant emittance one knows the transmitter also over digital satellite transmission (DVB-S) receive. On a digital spreading in the cable systems one agreed after negotiations for many years with the cable system operators, and so Sat.1 is now also fed in most digital cable systems, most however “basiccoded”, i.e., a unique de-energising fee must be paid. In thatSwitzerland and in Austria sends the transmitter the German program, it however a Swiss and Austrian regional program into the program is merged.

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at the 1. January 1984 started the era of the private television in the context of the Ludwigshafener of cable pilot project. At 9.58 o'clock went the PCs (program company for cable and satellite communication service) from a Kellerstudio into Ludwigshafen on transmission. With the sentence: „My very much admired ladies and gentlemen, in this moment are common to welcomed Jürgen Doetz, the managing director at that time of SAT.1 you a witness of the start of the first private television organizer in the Federal Republic of Germany “, with the host Irene Joest the spectatorsand thus television history wrote.

One radiated first over the European satellite ECS 1, which knew transmitters at the beginning from approximately 120,000 cable households will country widely receive. At the 1. January 1985 designated itself the transmitter of PCs in SAT.1 over. Since 8. December 1989 sends SAT.1over the Astra - position 19,2°Ost.

At the 1. October 1987 started Sat.1 as the second German television station, after RTL plus, a work-daily breakfast television. In the year 1991 it came to the inauguration of the SAT.1-Sendezentrums into Mainz, of up to the opening „of the SAT.1-Medienzentrums “ into Berlin to 30. August 1999 was sent.

To 2. October 2000 fused Sat.1 organizational with the television station pro filters. From this fusion the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG developed. To 31. August 2001 as „SAT.1-Ball “admits become transmitters logo for the last time as Bildschirmlogo used.

To 3. September 2004 changed powered by emotion for Sat.1 of the old Slogan to Sat.1 shows' s all and changed the Senderlogo slightly. To 6. September 2004 switched the transmitter the VPS off - signal. To 29. and 30. November 2004 became for the first time a highly soluble HDTV - simultaneous transmission (Simulcast- Procedures) of the two-divisor the Nibelungen - the curse kites additionally for dissolution of standard in PAL accomplished. This test should prove the High definition ability and future security for further transmissions.

market shares

1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
1.5% 5.8% 8.5% 9.0% 10.6% 13.1% 14.4% 14.9% 14.7% 13.2% 12.8% 11.8% 10.8% 10.2% 10.1% 9.9% 10.2% 10.3% 10.9%

In the year 1988 SAT.1 had a higher market share than RTL, which therefore is so particularly, since SAT.1 did not create this until today again. In the year 1994 SAT.1 had its highest market share. In the transmitter rank list the transmitter reserves usually the fourth seat. Only in the yearsthe ascent at place 3 succeeded to 1988 and 1995.

managing directors (starting from 1993)

program window

Sat.1 Austria

for Austria is radiated its own program window with advertisement.

Sat.1 Switzerland

also in Switzerland an own program window radiated with Swiss advertisementand own transmissions (e.g. Joya, Celebration or People runs). Likewise soccer games of the Axpo super League under the name LIVEran are transferred to Sat1 Switzerland.


at present radiated formats

formerly radiated formats (selection)

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