Sow stomach

sow stomach, also Pfälzer sow stomach is a traditional court of the Pfälzer kitchen. The stomach is not eaten and also never contains last stomach contents in the original, but serves similarly as with a Bratwurst only as Pelle.

The filling consists usually of a mixture of Schweinefleisch, roast-sausage-roasted and potatoes. In addition come usually eggs, carrots, as well as numerous spices, among other things usually bulbs, Majoran, Muskat and pepper. Different prescriptions call also - in changingCombinations - gemahlene spice carnations, Koriander, Thymian, garlic, gemahlenes laurel leaf, Kardamon, Basilikum, Kümmel, Piment and parsley. There are countless variants of this prescription, allegedly so many, as there are housewives in the Pfalz.The sow stomach is cooked in simmering water, roasted sometimes afterwards in the baking-oven. Served it is cut in disks, which angebraten usually before in the pan become.

As supplements to the sow stomach are recommended Kartoffelpüree and sauerkraut as well as a typical Pfälzer wine, z. B. a Riesling.

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the sow stomach developed allegedly as “arm people meal” in 18. Century, which was invented by farmers, around remainders upto use this way. After other representation the sow stomach, for which one added only the best used, formed the high point of each battle celebration in the Pfalz. Into the 1990er years attained he by the Federal Chancellor at that time Helmut Kohl largePopularity, there this numerous foreign guests such as z. B.Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbatschow, Ronald Reagan and François Mitterrand into its homeland led and to them the typical court to serve there left.

sow stomach medal

since 1992 assigns those Schifferstadter Karnevalsgesellschaft “Schlotte” the sow stomach medal at personalities from politics, economics, culture and sport, which earned around the Pfalz made themselves. The honor lively of Helmut Kohl was first only put on on eleven awards, which take place in each case during the Karnevalssaison.Because of the large success and attention, which reached the medal award in the meantime, one decided at the same time 2002 for the continuation and expansion of the which is applicable circle of acquaintances on completely Germany.

The medal consists 400 g of a heavy piece rose quartz, thatin Idar Oberstein into the form of a seam agent polished and with a silver chain around the neck one will carry can. The award is celebrated with a zünftigen sow stomach meal, with which the Laudatio is held the new medal carrier by its predecessor.

Past carriers of the sow stomach medal:


  • since 2002 takes place in the pfälzischen Landau the international Pfälzer sow stomach competition, with which from approximately 150 participants the best sow stomach is gekürt. Among them finditself also unusual variants with wild or fish filling.
  • The Scottish is comparable to the sow stomach haggis, only that here the stomach of a sheep as so-called. Pelle serves. The prescriptions for this are likewise infinitely numerous and correspond geschmacklich to the Scottish oralso English kitchen.

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