Savo Milošević

Savo Milošević (* 1. September 1973 in Bijeljina, today's Bosnia and Herzegowina) is a Serbian football player.

It played from 1992 to 1995 for fiber plastic Partizan Belgrade, then until 1998 with Aston mansion. Subsequently, it changed too material Saragossa, where it was until 2000 under contract. Further player act ions were 2000/2001 the fiber plastic Parma, 2002 again material Saragossa, 2002/2003 Espanyol Barcelona and 2003/2004 Celta Vigo. Since 2004 it is with APPROX. Osasuna Pamplona, its contract läft there until 2007.

With the European championship 2000 in Belgium and the Netherlands Milošević with 6 gates goal scorer king became.


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