Savoy hotel

the Savoy hotel is at the beach in London. It was opened 1889 and delighted by smelling pool of broadcasting corporations D'Oyly Carte, to the owner of the Savoy of theatre, which is equal beside the hotel. It was and is with 230 rooms one of the prestige-richest and opulentesten hotels of London. The name of the hotel comes from the Savoy Palace, which confessed once at this place. The first manager was César cuts, the later founder cuts hotels. The hotel became from T. E. Collcutt sketched, to which also the Wigmore resound sketched.

The Savoy was famous long time for its inventive chief cooks. In its kitchen the peach Melba was invented, which after Nellie Melba one designated. The inventor of the meal was a French cook Augusts Escoffier. The Melba toast is to have been likewise invented in the kitchen of the Savoy.

The Savoy Court, which is place before the hotel, the only road in the united kingdom, on which on the right roadside one drives. Taxis often use this, in order to turn comfortably.

The hotel was sold recently to the company Fairmont hotel and Resorts from Canada.

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