of sheep
house sheep
Order: Paarhufer (Artiodactyla)
subordination: Wiederkäuer (Ruminantia)
family: Horn carrier (Bovidae)
Unterfamilie: Goat-well-behaved (Caprinae)
kind: Sheep
scientific name
Linnaeus, 1758

the sheep (Ovis) are a kind of the goat-well-behaved.Sometimes they are closely related to the goats and with these in a common kind are united. Beside the house sheep belong into the kind a number of savages of sheep, among other things the Mufflon and the thick horn sheep.

The kinds are:

of sheep are probably beside the dog the oldest domestic animal race, ofHumans one bred, estimations according to before 6000-8000 years. The house sheep descends according to opinion of the majority of the specialists from the game sheep. At game sheep one finds the Mufflonbestände of Korsika and Sardinien as well as in-patriated existence at different places in Europe. The Mufflonis a subspecies of the game sheep.

One calls the male animal „support “or „Widder “, which female called „nut/mother sheep “, „outer ones “, „Aue “or „Zibbe “. Jungschafe are called lambs. The carrying time of the sheep amounts to approx. 5 months (on the average 150 days). Sheep havea life expectancy of approx. 10-12 years.

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