Schaul Mofaz

Schaul Mofaz

Schaul Mofaz (שאולמופז) [ʃaˈʔul muˈfaz] (* 1948) is Israeli Secretary of Defense and was the 16. General staff boss of Tzahal and the second Sepharde, after David Elazar on this post.

military career

Mofaz was born in Iran and emigrated 1957 to Israel . The High School went right after it 1966 to Tzahal and served in a paratrooper brigade. It participated as a paratrooper and as a member of the elite special-purpose force Sajeret Matkal in the six-day war, the Yom Kippur war, the Lebanon war and the operation Entebbe .

Mofaz was appointed in the Lebanon war the commander of an infantry brigade. Later it visited the guidance and staff college of US Navy in Quantico (Virginia). After its return he was appointed briefly the commander of the officer academy, before he returned 1986 as a commander to the paratrooper brigade.

Schaul Mofaz was active as military in different higher positions and 1988 to the act Aluf was carried. In the year 1993 he became commander of the armed forces in the West Jordan territory. 1994 it was carried then to the Aluf and befehligte troops in the south of Israel. Its rapid military career culminated 1997 in the appointment as the deputy general staff boss and as the general staff boss (Ramatkal) in the following year.

Particularly the financial and structural reforms of the Israeli army during its term of office are to be emphasized. Highlight of its term of office is however the outbreak of the second Intifada. The hard tactical measures, which Mofaz met, provoked the contradiction of the international community, answer to the terror, justified of the Israeli public however as, were rated. , Invasions in the Gaza Strips and the isolation Jassir Arafats limited discussions developed particularly over the offensive in Jenin.

Mofaz fought the wave of the force since 1999 and prepared Tzahal for the violent Guerillakampf in the Israeli occupied areas. It let the posts in the Gaza Strip strengthen and kept the Israeli losses by the improvement of road combat tactics and „the intelligent “use of bulldozers small. For some these actions (like the outline of houses of the Palestinians) he was violently criticized by left Israeli groups.

career as politicians

in the year 2002 was appointed Schaul Mofaz after a cabinet crisis the Secretary of Defense in the cabinet Ariel Scharons.

After its withdrawal from Tzahal Mofaz became member of the Likud. It is considered, although it professes itself to an agreement with the Palestinians, as hard liner. Thus it expressed itself for a “liquidating “Arafats and explained to be ready for no compromise with groups of terror like the Hamas , the Islamic Jihad, or the aluminium-Aqsa-martyr-brigades. Mofaz shows up owing to its military experience convinced to be able to stop the Palestinian terrorism. Schaul Mofaz is after a report of the army broadcast at the 11. To attach December 2005 withdrawn from the Likud party around itself the new Kadima party of Prime Minister Ariel Scharon. The step was an harsh setback for the Likud party, because the Likud was for decades the dominating party in Israel.


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