Play school

a play school serves for the training of actors.

Can be differentiated between play schools with respect to the closer sense and universities, which offer a study of the play. Apart from the attendance of a play school one can become also by private instruction and auto+didactical theoretical like practical occupation actors.Here also a study of adjacent disciplines helpfully, for instance the theatre sciences, literature sciences or the Germanistik can be, particularly since at universities mostly academic layman ensembles are.

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The situation in individual countries

to Germany

different play schools an authorized offers and/or. recognized professional training to the actor on. The attendance of these schools can be promoted therefore with student financial assistance scheme. Besides there are to universities and universities, those in the context of a study training asActors offer.


as also in Germany gives it academic and not-academic ways to the occupation of the actor. Corresponding the play schools are to be differentiated with respect to Privatschulen and universities. These universities are the art universities, which offer a study of the play. The universitäre diploma study becomeswith the Sponsion to the Magister Artium finally. However different play universities change their study over in Austria to a Bachelorstudium, the first play Bachelor OF kind - conclusion had the Anton Bruckner private university Linz. On the nichtuniversitären private way there is still the possibility in Austria,to complete before the commission in equal numbers of the stage trade union (section “art, media, free occupations”) in 3 indexing steps a “stage maturity examination”, which is social security-legally the Magister diploma of a national art university on an equal footing (abolished in FRG since 1991).


in Switzerland became as the first country in Europethe training of the actor changed over to Bachelor and masters. There are two German-language national universities in Switzerland in Berne and in Zurich. The moreover one there is a French sprachige in Lausanne and a Italian sprachige in Versico.

play schools

  • Germany - Privatschulen
    • kind OF Acting - Berlin
    • academy for representing art - Koblenz/Montabaur
    • Academy OF of steam turbine and gas turbine systems kind Frankfurt
    • Athanor academy for representing art castle living
    • the theatre Frankfurt/Main
    • film play school Berlin
    • free citizen play school
    • play schoolFrankfurt (or)
    • Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin
    • play school Charlottenburg - Berlin
    • play Studio Frese - Hamburg
    • school of the theatre in the theatre of the cellars - Cologne
    • school for play - Hamburg
    • theatre academy Cologne
    • theatre area Munich, Technical High School for play & direction
    • theatre technical school victory castle between Bonn and Cologne

  • Austria - Privatschulen
    • act & Fun - schauspielstudio, Vienna
    • drama center Vienna (department in the Musi center), Vienna
    • play school Krauss, Vienna
    • Franz thrust ore conservatoire, Vienna
    • Gustav of meals conservatoire, Vienna
    • Conservatoire Prayner, Vienna
    • play school of the Elizabeth stage, Salzburg

  • France
    • play school L'École international one de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq of Jacques Lecoq
  • America (the USA)
    • play school of John Strasberg in New York
    • The Lee Strasberg Theatre & film of institutes inNew York town center for play and television films

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