Slidegate valve engine

the slidegate valve engine is a special design of a two or a four-cycle of combustion engine, which is not steered via in and exhaust valves.

The slidegate valve engine was developed in Chicago von Charles Yale Knight (1868 - 1940) starting from 1903, finished 1907 series-ripely and patented 1908. Knight could be led thereby by the principle of the Schiebersteuerung of steam engines.

Both the ignition mixture supply and the exhaust removal been made by two concentrically to the cylinder axle lying, 3 mm thick slidegate valve sockets, itself during the engine enterprise with a stroke from approx. 25 mm of up and downward move. The piston runs in spool. The sockets of an eccentric shaft running lying in the crankshaft housing with half number of revolutions are propelled over short connecting rods. With the movement becomes then in each case the existing in and/or. Discharge openings by overlap of the movements approved. Slidegate valve engines were at that time more durably and less disturbance susceptible than valve-steered and became estimated for its unusual quiet running and good achievement development in the lower speed range, which were better than with equal large engines with conventional valves. Their maximally attainable number of revolutions of 1750 rpm limited however their further development.

The production of the engines required a high constructional and technical expenditure, their enterprise placed high requirements on regular maintenance - the oil consumption was high and oil deficiency led to irreparable total losses.

The slidegate valve engines were particularly interesting for manufacturers of cars of the upper Preisklasse. More than 30 manufacturing licenses were given, among them at Daimler, Panhard et to Levassor, Mercedes, Minerva, Hotchkiss and others. With Mercedes starting from 1910 three engines were developed, by which the strongest was produced until 1924.

Technical data of the Mercedes Knight 16/45:

4 cylinders
drilling: 100 mm, stroke: 130 mm
capacity: 4084 cmł
achievement: 33 KW (45 HP) with 1300/min
maximum speed: 85 km/h

in the last production year the achievement was increased to 50 HP. Altogether with Mercedes by all types 5.500 vehicles with Knight engines were built.

1927 set up a special car with 8-Liter 12-Zylinder Knight engine of Gabriel Voisin the world record over 24-Stunden with a Durchschnittgeschwindigkeit of 182,5 km/h.

2004 won its class under the old timers with up to 13,5 litres capacity in Gordon Bennett running in bath Homburg a Mercedes Knight of 1912, cared for by the AvD.

With motorcycle - slidegate valve two-stroke engines is steered the mixture inlet into the crankshaft housing by one directly by the crankshaft propelled rotary valve. With so an engine 1938 Ewald intelligent one on a DKW became - Rennmaschine German and European champion in the class to 250 ccm. Also the engine of the passenger car AWZ - satellite was by the way such an slidegate valve engine,with that the einlasssteuerung independently of the piston position always popular point of attack for findige Tuner was,so from the small aggregate up to 85 high frequency HP drew,which however the quiet running and above all the durability affected negatively; after one running season was the engine usually over there.

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