Schillerstrasse is a television broadcast, which „the Improvisationscomedy “(bar hoar frost comedy, improvisation theatre) used up itself. It noted without film script before public and as far as possible ungeschnitten sent.

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place of the action is a living room in the fictitious Schillerstrasse, in which the Mieterin Cordula Stratmann attendance of friends used and gets. The actors know in advance only the topic of the consequence, which must entire action is improvised. Over a receiver in the ear they get additionally instructions for direction of the play chief, which they must in-weave into the action, for example „Cordula: Tell the others that you are more schwanger! “

Belong to core occupation beside Cordula Stratmann Annette freeze, to Martin „WAD DIN “cutter and Ralf Schmitz. These change with a dozen of further guests.

The format is inspired by the improvised British-American pseudo Gameshow Whose LINE Is It Anyway? and developed of Maike Tatzig, which is also Produzentin of the transmission. She transferred the task of the play leader of George Uecker in September 2005.


Schillerstrasse runs since that 3. September 2004 with the German television station SAT.1. The originally only halfhour consequences in the later evening program had such a large success that in January 2005 the transmitting time was increased to one hour and the radiant emittance was preferred into the main rail around 20:15 clock (in each case Thursday).

To 20. April 2006 was doubled the stage surface; beside the dwelling of Cordula Stratmann is available since then also the tavern Schillereck as action place. „Owner “is Cordulas friend Bernhard Hoëcker. The stages are located to rectangular to each other, in order to be able to tape both without change in a transmission, the spectator range on a revolving stage were platziert.

After that surprisingly large success before German public the format is internationally marketed. The rights became for example at US - medium company Fox sells, which would like to bring the transmission out for the USA, Great Britain, Australia , New Zealand and Canada. In addition the rights were sold to France , Italy , Spain , Belgium , the Netherlands , Finland , Romania , Hungary and Israel.[1]


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