Schill hunters

the Schill hunters were an irregular unit under the instruction of major von Schill, who fought during the wars Napoleons against France.

While Austria fought 1809 against France, major Ferdinand von Schill, 1807 defenders of Kolberg , educated from from himled Hussar regiment a free corps, in order to release also Prussia von Napoleon. It succeeded to it to conquer Stralsund. For the Prussian king Schill was meanwhile a deserter, so that he could not expect an assistance from royalist circles. Also its hope for a rebellion of the populationand the arrival of English assistance did not fulfill itself. With approximately 1500 fighters, under it 500 soldiers of the citizens of Berlin garrison, he was subject to the French general Gratien and fell in the road fight in Stralsund. Eleven of its officers were condemned from a French court-martial to death and to 15. Septembers 1809 in Wesel shot.


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