Schilluk (people)

the Schilluk (also Shilluk called) are an African people, whose settlement area close of the city Malakal lies in the south Sudan. It extends south of Malakal along the Nile.

In addition, they are particularly well-known as a Fischer, live on the agriculture and the cattle breeding.

The Schilluk has a traditional leader, that admits also as “king” or “Reth” is. After unconfirmed reports the king is placed in each case alternating of two determined families. At present (conditions: August 2005) is a former bank employee from Malakal king of the Schilluk.

As master characteristic above all male Schilluk carries a horizontal set of out-standing points on the forehead, which look like a kind of out-standing scars.

In the year 2004 ten thousands were driven out by Schilluk by militias. Most fled after Malakal.

Among the German researchers under others the Ethnologe Burkhard Schnepel was occupied with the culture of the Schilluk.

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