Battle with Chippewa

the battle with Chippewa of 5. July 1814 between the British and Americans took place during the British-American war of 1812 in Canada in that the proximity Niagara of the River and ended with a victory of the Americans.

Schlacht bei Chippewa, 5. Juli 1813
Battle with Chippewa, 5. July 1813

principal purpose of the Americans during the war from 1812 had been the conquest of Canada. Several invasion attempts in the years 1812 and 1813 had led too partly humiliating defeats against British troops in terms of figures frequently which were subject. A renewed American raid of flat castle at the Champlainsee out on Montréal with 3.500 soldiers under the guidance of major general James Wilkinson was already stopped by the British at the border (second battle with Lacolle Mills, 30. March 1814), but succeeded it to 3,500 soldiers under general Jacob Brown on the theater at the Niagara River as well as a naval force under Kommodore Isaac Chauncey at the 3. July to force the border fortress away Erie to the surrender. During the maneuvers following on it pushed an American brigade comprehensive at the Chippewa River lying, 1,300 soldiers under Brigadier General Winfield Scott to 5. July unexpectedly on British armed forces, while they prepared for the parade to the independence day. The 1,700 British under general Sir Phineas Riall exceeded the Chippewa River, in order to attack the Americans, since they regarded these due to their grey uniforms as militias with combat quality lacking. Scott, one of the few American commanders of this war, which had been up to to its task, had trained its soldiers outstanding, formed his troops and broke through with them with a fast, sent implemented attack despite violent British fire the opposing lines and forced Riall to a hasty retreat. The British registered 137 dead ones and 304 wounded, the Americans 48 dead ones and 227 wounded.

The victory documented a substantial improvement of the combat quality of the US troops and main header of them self-confident its, remained however without large effects, since the Americans were forced by the shortly thereafter following battle with Lundy's Lane to the retreat. Thus was assigned the last possibility for a successful invasion, opened by Scotts victory, in Canada.

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