Battle with Tanga

Battle painting of Martin frost
battle with Tanga
conflict the First World War
date 2. November - 4. November 1914
place with Tanga, German East Africa (today Tanzania)
result German victory
general Paul von Lettow Vorbeck general Arthur Aitken
1,100 soldiers 8,000 soldiers
of losses
61 dead ones; 360 dead ones wounded 81; The battle

wounded 487 with Tanga was a military argument between Great Britain and the German Reich during the First World War. She found 2 between that. and 4. November 1914 with the East Africa niches port Tanga (today in Tanzania) instead of.


to 4. and 5. August 1914 explained Great Britain to the German Reich the war, after German troops had attacked neutral Belgium. With it the fight for the colony German East Africa began also immediately (today Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi). It accepted substantially larger extents in the largest and most densely populated German colony than in the remaining so-called protected areas. The colony had two railway lines for troop shifts as well as natives a population, which faced the German loyal extensive natural resources. All these factors made it for the German colonial force possible to withstand the far superior allied opponents until 1918.

The German colonial force consisted to beginning of war of 267 officers and NCOs as well as 4,612 native Askari. Commander was an energetic general Paul von Lettow Vorbeck.

In the morning 5. August 1914 was received in the coastal radio station Daressalam the message of the British declaration of war. The governor at that time Dr. Snow explained immediately the state of war for the colony and arranged the mobilization. The British imposed a sea-blockade and cut the German submarine cables.

Three days later the British cruiser appeared HMS Pegasus and took the radio tower of Daressalam unsuccessfully under fires. To 23. August tried to destroy the same cruiser the Telegrafenstation of Bagamoyo by artillery bombardment. The Pegasus became finally to 20. September 1914 posed by the German small cruiser SMS king mountain before Sansibar and sinks.

the battle

to 2. November 1914 began first combined attack of the British. In the proximity of the port of Tanga a British corps under the guidance went from general Aitken ashore. The troops consisted of a British Northlancashire regiment and eight Indian regiments (Kashmir Rifles), altogether 8,000 men. The Indian soldiers were badly trained reserve units. At this time only some courses of the German colonial force in Tanga faced the Britisher. Some federations from the interior as well as freiwillige the contactor corps from Usambara hurried the German defenders up to the evening to assistance. The bulk of the German troops under general Paul von Lettow Vorbeck was shifted in quick marches after Tanga and reached the city at the night on the 4. November. In three-day-long embittered fights it succeeded to the Germans (approx. 1,100 men) finally to strike the British supremacy destroying and on the ships back urge.

The British had 650 pleasures and a still larger number on wounded and prisoners to deplore.

The German losses amounted to 64 men, under it 48 Askari.

16 machine guns, 600,000 shot ammunition as well as extensive other equipment were captured by the Germans.

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