Battle of putting nano

the battle of putting nano found to 29. May 1176 about 30 km northwest from Milan instead of. NorthItalian municipalities united in „the Lombardi league the “ defeated the army emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossas.

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after the end of the Roman realm and the following people migration developed for the large one in Europe around the year 800 a new large realm, that Franconia under Karl. It covered in general terms the today's States of France and Germany, the Benelux - states, as well as north and means Italy and a small part of northeast of Spain. It saw itself as a successor 476 of the gone down westRoman realm. Briefly after the death of Karl of the large one it disintegrated however and. A. in a west and into an east realm, from those late France and/or. Germany came out. For short time also a Kingdom of Italy existed itself, however 962 the German emperor Otto I. incorporated. The northItalian municipalities resisted the imperial supremacy however several times. It came to repeated rebellions, those particularly also from emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa were struck down. 1154 it devastated the city Tortona allied with Milan. On Reichstag von Roncaglia with Piacenza wanted to implement the emperor its authority by the delegation of imperial representatives into the Italian municipalities, which these rejected however. Thereupon Barbarossa Crema , Milan and other northItalian cities destroyed.

the Lombardi league

the otherwise regularly attacking northItalian municipalities finally united for the purpose of the common fight against the emperor to „the Lega Lombarda “. On a meeting with Pontida (between Bergamo and Lecco) they swore to force the emperor with force of arms to the acknowledgment of their rights. 1174 came emperors Friedrich I. Barbarossa to Italy, in order to prepare for the rebellions of the municipalities an end. First he besieged the piemontesische city Alessandria, those their names in honours Pope Alexander III. received. Pope Alexander had allied himself with „the Lombardi league “, because the German emperor also the city Rome as origin of its in the realm to see wanted. In addition it had already belonged under Karl the large one to the Karolingi realm. The imperial supremacy in Italy ended however to 29. May 1176 with the battle of putting nano.

the battle of putting nano

the battle of putting nano developed from a local episode. Friedrich I. with its troops into Seprio with putting nano a break had inserted. The farmers of the environment seized to the weapons and fell themselves in the morning-grey on the imperial Vorhut which were subject far with Borsano. Short time thereafter reached the emperor personally with its Reiterei the place of the happening. The farmers Legnanos pulled themselves thereupon to their “Carroccio” back, a truck pulled by oxen, on which the Kriegerheiligtum of the municipality was (to compare with the today's troop flag). While the farmers of the imperial Kavallerie could not withstand and partially to Milan fled, the remaining foot troops and the small local Reiterei set up themselves phalanxartig . The first lines were brutally annihilated immediately by the imperial troops, but then awaked with the Lombarden a stubborn combat spirit, which fought them nearly up to the complete destruction reads. In the meantime however the best riders were Brescias and Milan, as well as infantry blew arrived. These attacked the flank of the emperor in the early afternoon. The crucial impact succeeded to the riders from Brescia, which killed the carrier of the imperial Insignien and which emperors forced to the escape. This incident disconcerted also the remaining troops, the direction Tessin fled.

further development

on the peace of Konstanz recognized the emperor 1183 „the internal autonomy “of the Italian municipalities on, which accepted for their part the formal one „sovereignty “of the emperor. Emperor Friedrich II., which lived long years on Sicilies and had created the most modern official state of its time there, 1237 tried again to bring north Italy under its control (battle of Cortenova). 1249 hit the militias Bolognas its son with Fossalta and kerkerten it lifelong. With death Friedrichs in the year 1250 and the battle with Tagliacozzo ended the rule of the Staufer in Italy.

In South Italies afterwards the Spanish Aragonier settled , in central Italy consolidated the church state with the inviolable lay rule of the Popes, while from of now independent, partially democratic municipalities north Italy the free northItalian states developed, which became later then carriers of the shining Italian Renaissance.

meaning in the modern trend

the battle of putting nano arrived during the Italian agreement movement (Risorgimento) at certain meaning. Giuseppe Verdi composed the opera of the same name after the risings of the people and the war of 1848.

Into the 1980er years created the Italian politician Umberto Bossi the separatist party „Lega Lombarda “, which fused later with „the league Veneta “ to the Lega north. This party has the sagenumwobenen winner of the battle of putting nano, Alberto there Giussano, in the coat of arms. Like the league at that time also this modern expenditure demands autonomy of „the centre government “, which sits not in Germany, but in Rome in economically weak South Italies. To the separatism the party said good-bye meanwhile, but fights it further for constitutional reforms and reached because of their government participation 2001-2006 (as part of the center right-wing coalition of Silvio Berlusconi) to a large extent the introduction of the federalism to Italy. The mayors of many northItalian municipalities are member „of the Lega “.


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