Sleep hygiene

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Sleep hygiene (hygiene of Greek υγιεινή [τέχνη], hygieiné [téchne], “the health beneficial art”) is the art or technology, the onehealthy sleep makes possible or promotes. It contains certain life habits and behaviors, which contribute to avoid sleep disturbances or find the way back to one sufficiently recovery seed sleep.


different one medical mechanisms, like e.g. , references give the sleep-medical center of the Charité, like sleep disturbances avoided ora healthy sleep to be restored can:

  • Rhythm: Regular sleep times should be kept. Whose sleep is disturbed, which should do without midday sleep or other “Nickerchen” under tags. Layer or night workers is particularly often affected by sleep disturbances. A complete sleep hygiene is hardly possible with layer workers. Effectspoint themselves often only to several years. The Chronobiologie concerns itself with the effects of disturbances of the sleep rhythm.
  • Tiredness: Who cannot fall asleep, should rise and go only with tiredness again to bed. Children, who sleep regularly are sent, although them not yet tiredlyare, fast activities in bed get accustomed at sleep stranger. Sporty activity or evening walks can promote the abendliche tiredness.
  • Environment: The environment should calmly, darkenable and pleasantly coolly (approx. 14 to 18 °C) its. Clothes, bedlinen, mattress and bed should be comfortable and thoseFreedom of movement do not restrict.
  • mental loads: Mental loads should before the sleep e.g. by relaxation exercises or sleep rituals to be diminished, so that the problems of the daily do not load the sleep.
  • Meals: Larger meals should be past at least three hours. One should go sleeping neither hungry nor too fullly.
  • Drugs: Alcohol, nicotine and Koffein (also black and green dte, Cola) should be done without in the hours before the sleeping going. Although a cup coffee before the sleep the sleep quality v.a. in the age to quite promote, is detrimental it can with already existing sleep disturbances. Alcoholif falling asleep can accelerate, however less recovery seed leads a sleep to.Sleep or tranquilizers should not be taken during a longer period.
  • With longer persisting sleep disturbances should a physician be visited.

consultation and assistance

in sleep laboratories can from medical side sometimesthe cause by sleep disturbances to be explored. If psychological causes are the problem, also relaxation techniques help. Most health insurance companies offer brochures for the sleep hygiene.

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