Grinding machine

workshop grinding machine
mechanical Werkzeugschleifmaschine
surface grinding machine

grinding machines propelled tools are original for smoothing surfaces or for removing from coatings on surfaces by means of hand or foot. Later the machines got a Dampfantrieb. In the today's time they are exclusively electrically operated.

Depending upon material wood, concrete, natural stone, glass, metal or plastic and its hardness are used grinding wheels from different raw material.

There are hand-guided machines such as Bandschleifer, angle sanders, orbital sanders, Varioschleifer, Exzenterschleifer, Deltaschleifer or disc grinders. For the employment in industry and handicraft become a disk grinding machines, three-disk grinding machines, belt grinders (in the wood processing are used and possess a circulating sanding belt), wall grinding machines, surface grinding machines (loops of even surfaces), cylindrical-surface grinding machines (work on cylindrical workpieces or for reboring hollow bodies), cut-off grinding machines (separate from bars and pipes), Koordinatenschleifmaschinen, profile-grinding machines and Werkzeugschleifmaschinen. These are usually fully automatic operated. In particular thereby different kinds of procedure of sharpening are implemented for the improvement of surfaces and the measurement and shape accuracy of workpieces as well as for sharpening drills, knife blades , drills and turning tools. The highest form of automation is the grinding machine with dimensional control.


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