Lock mash-chew

Das neue Schloss in Bad Muskau
the new lock in bath mash-chew

count Hermann von Pückler began after 1815 with the plant of the prince Pückler park of bath mash-chew, to which as completed classical landscape park is considered. To the objects of interest in that 200 hectars large park belong in the reconstruction (1945 plundered ) new ones present lock, to 1520 a delighted building of Renaissances, and from that 14. Century coming old persons lock, which was again established 1965. With the “old person lock” is to be proceeded from a Uminterpertierung of the gate building of a castle. The legend “old lock” was strewn by Pückler themselves.

Die Orangerie
The Orangerie

1840 a Orangerie with tropical house , Vorwerk with Marstall and indoor riding arena ( last as if sport-resounds used), delighted by Gottfried Semper, a Rhododendrengarten, Wasserfälle, close-calibrate, Hermanns neisse and the calibration lake with bridge supplement the unique park plant with its far meadow surfaces and its transition to the open landscape.

In order to save the poet and Burschenschafter Heinrich summerhouse 1837 an uncomfortable fortress detention, Pückler caused that he her on lock mash-chew “serve” had, where summerhouse wrote much and was incumbent on with enthusiasm of the hunt.
Coordinates: 51° 32 ′ 51 " n. Break, 14° 43 ′ 23 " o. L.


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