Disgrace of Córdoba

the disgrace of Córdoba (called in Austria miracles of Córdoba) is a well-known name for a play of the soccer world championship 1978 in Argentina, which entered football history. The acting football world champion (west) Germany was subject to 21. June 1978 in Córdoba completely surprisingly the Austrian national team with 2:3 and separated prematurely.

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with the football WM 1978 was played first in four groups (1-4) with in each case four national teams, in which everyone played against everyone. The two respective group-best drew into the second final round, in which group plays were denied again. There were now still two groups (A and B) with again in each case four crews. The two group winners denied the final, group second the “play around place 3”.

Germany stood for play with 2:2 after a 0:0 against Italy and a 2:2 against the Netherlands before Austria - points on place 3. Italy and the Netherlands (for each 3:1 points) would have had to play undecided, thus Germany with (clear) a victory against Austria at all still another chance on the group victory would have had. Since the Dutchmen struck however Italy with 2:1, the DFB eleven also a victory would have only been sufficient against Austria, in order to play still around place 3; Group-better and finalist was the crew from the Netherlands, which was however only certain at the end of the play, since at the same time both plays (A/D, NL/I) took place.

For the Austrian crew, which had already lost A in the group against Italy 0:1 and against the Netherlands with 1:5, it was already clear before the play that she could become neither group winners nor group second, and only in the improbable case of a clear victory against Germany group third. The victory over Germany had thus for Austria only psychological effect regarding the always-lasting hate love between Germany and the small alpine republic.

For the coach of the national team at that time Helmut Schön was the play against Austria the latter. Already in the apron it certified its crew “no WM-format” and announced to want to withdraw after the WM.

Edi finger: “I wer' narrisch”

close connected with the disgrace of Córdoba is the radio transmission of the Austrian broadcast by its reporter Edi finger. Not less emotional than harsh ore Carpenter with the miracle of Berne it reported on the play:

There Krankl (...) comes into the Strafraum - shot… Tooor, Tooor, Tooor, Tooor, Tooor, Tooor. I wer' narrisch. Krankl shoots in 3:2 for Austria. (...) We busseln us off. 3:2 for Austria by a great gate of our Krankl. (...) Now hammas gschlagn! (...)
Again Germany at the ball. A possibility for Abramczik. And!? Daneeeeben! Thus the Abraaaamczik - obbusseln möchte' i the Abramczik for it. Now it has us gehooolfn. 'llein before the gate standing. The braaave Abramczik hot beside it gschossn. The Orme will annoy si'.
And now is Auuus! End! Conclusion! Past! Out! Germany gschlagen!


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