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feet and bills

the bill (lat. Rostrum) is into the Zoologie forward the pointedly running out mouth tool with birds and Schnabeltieren.


with birds the bill is divided into upper and Unterschnabel. The knöchernde basis are the upper and lower jaw, which are covered with horn substance. The nose opening is mostly because of the basis of the upper bill, only with the Kiwi at the bill point.

The horn substance has a different surface profile. With some kinds (z. B. Säger) forms it a tooth-like border, with other (z. B. Schwimmenten) lamellas, which are used for filtering food.

With bad positions of the bills or wear lacking due to not kind-fair attitude and feeding the horn substance is abraded no longer sufficiently and it comes to extensions and/or curvatures, which prevent food intake in extreme form completely. With Ziervögeln here a surgical bill correction is necessary.

There are different kinds of bills. Ducks have a Seihschnabel.

transferred meaning

if children, z. B. in the school teaching, are very geschwätzig, falls already times the expression “stop your bill!".


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