Snow disaster in Northern Germany 1978

a snow disaster in Germany is very unusual; only the snowstorm of 1978/79 was called disaster.

To the turn of the year 1978/79 the weather gave a beginning of winter , whose extents were not to be foreseen first to the north of Germany. While over Christmas over completely Germany intensified thaw prevailed and made for the snow from, coming to the turn of the year made of the north a substantial cooling break-down brewed itself together.

The extreme weather was rung in to 28. December 1978, where it began to snow in the northern part of Schleswig-Holstein in the course of the afternoon, while it rained south of it still strongly. During the night this picture changed however completely and from that first seals Schneegestöber, which covered gradually the whole country, became an attained full growth snowstorm, which raged with up to wind force 10.

The consequences were serious. Meter-high snow banks brought the road and Eisenbahnverkehr to succumbing, many localities were from the external world cut off, partly failed also the river. Clearing vehicles of the municipalities could not master the snow masses any longer, so that the German Federal Armed Forces and/or. NVA with tanks were used, in order at least lie remained vehicles and courses to reach. Likewise the islands were no longer posed attainable and completely on itself. Flock existence went to reason, the absence of local baker's shops led to lack of bread.

Despite nonstop employment of the rescue forces several humans in these days, who could not be achieved any longer in time, erfroren. The last victims were only saved in the course of the spring, when the thaw made the entrance possible.

By the northeast storm the ports Luebeck , Kiel , Wismar , Rostock and Eckernförde got besides still another flood problem, which culminated in the fact that in the ports stacked and the navigation brought themselves more and more Eisschollen completely to succumbing.


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