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A Schoner, also a Schooner or a Schuner, is a sailing boat with originally two masts, whose front mast is smaller than or equally large as the achtere mast. The Gaffelsegel at the Fockmast, also Schonermast mentioned, is called Schonersegel, that at the grossmast grosssegel. Later in the United States mehrmastige Schoner were particularly built primarily from wood.

Two-masted sailing boats, whose rear mast is the smaller, are called contrary to the Schoner Ketsch or Yawl.


FrenchSchoner L'Etoile

first guaranteed launching of a vessel of a Schoners took place 1713 in Gloucester, mA (Massachusetts), the USA (about 50 km northeast from bad clay/tone). A spectator noted with the launching of a vessel: “There she scoons” or “Oh, lake how she scoons” (“there it slides” and/or.“Oh see, like it slides”). The designer of this ship, a Kapt. Andrew Robinson, coined/shaped then the word “Schooner”. Its designation descends from a verb from the Scottish Clydesdale dialect: “tons scoon” - about “stones over the water to slide leave”, also “slide”). The origin of this type of TAC situationoriginates from the Netherlands 17. Century.

First Schoner had only two masts, primarily with Rahtopp, used in the courier service, also to the Piratenjagd. Later developed after 1880 the pure Gaffelschoner with three to seven masts than cargo ship. The Takelage of these Schoner led thenno more Rahen , but excluding gaffel, Gaffeltopsegel (along and/or. Schratsegel) and steam turbine and gas turbine system gel. Only a small crew was needed. They served Lotsenschoner and particularly the large four, five and six-master (starting from 1900) as fishery - (Neufundlandschoner ), as Frachtschoner for coal,Wood, oil etc. The largest ever built Schoner (from steel) was those THOMAS'S W. LAWSON from the year 1902 with seven masts, 25 sails and approx. 18 men crew (opposite ~45 with a Fünfmastrahschiff). As the largest wooden Schoner the 3,730 BRT large WYOMING ran 1909 in Bath, Maine (the USA) of the pile. It was the longest wood ship of the world per built and drove in coal transport. The Spanish school ship JUAN SEBASTIÁN DE ELCANO, a Viermastmarssegelschoner (Rahtopp), is presently the largest Schoner on lake.

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