a Schoppen - draw of - is originally a container for liquids, later a space measure for beverages.

A Schoppen is traditionally also always half of a Pinte.

The French Schoppen (la chopine) corresponded scarcely half litre (= 1/72 Kubik Königsfuss), otherwiseusually 1/100 to 1/120 normal Kubikfuss thus about a quarter litre.

today's use

in the Schankwirtschaft went - as with that measure / measure jug - the meaning in the run the time from the measurement or drinking container on the usually alcoholic beverage even over.

Sometimes thus “a Schoppen” designates a Viertelliter wine, without actual contents - thus the wine - must be called explicitly. The connection to the space measure was partly lost. Differently than with that measure varies the concrete meaning regionally and locally relativeBeverage and quantity, half or a quarter a litre. Depending upon where one its “Schoppen” ordered, receives one a glass beer, a glass apple wine, a Schoppen (mixing beverage) or something else.

In the pfälzischen, as also in the linguistic area “Schoppen” designates all one niches today usually onehalf litre of an alcoholic liquid, i.e. Wine or a wine mixing beverage (e.g. sweet or sour Weinschorle). This Schoppen can be poured out in a “Schoppenglas” with cylindrical form and smooth exterior, or in a” Dubbeglas “in the form of a reverse truncated cone with circular recesses.

Who orders a Schoppen in the Frankish wine country, wine receives a Viertelliter. This is handed depending upon cause and quality of the wine either in Romans, in the handle glass or in the simple handleless standard glass (Willybecher). The traditional bottle form in Franconia, the Bocksbeutel, seizes threeSchoppen. Colloquially one calls a wine drunkard in Franconias also „Schoppenfetzer “.

The old sense of the container for liquids kept with the child Schoppen. The first drinking container for infants with a perforated rubber Schnuller as drinking opening carries the designation Schoppen.

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