Schores Iwanowitsch Alfjorow

Schores Iwanowitsch Alfjorow (Russian Жоре́сИва́новичАлфёров, wiss. Transliteration Žores Ivanovič Alfërov; * 15. March 1930) in Witebsk, white Russia) is a Russian physicist. The director of the Joffe institute in sank Petersburg won the Nobelpreis for physics in the year 2000. 2001 it won the Kyoto price.

Alfjorow researched within the range of the diode lasers. All diode lasers, for example with scanners in cash registers, CD players or laser printers, are based on principles discovered by Alfjorow.

Alfjorow studied at electrotechnical Institut in pc. Petersburg and was guest scientist in the USA. Since 1987 he is director/conductor physical-technical Institut in pc. Petersburg in Russia and since 1989 vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Nobelpreis in the year 2000 to the half as well as harsh ore Kroemer (the other half went at Jack S. Kilby) for work from the semiconductor physics, which became basis of the information technology. Alfjorow was likewise member of the Russian Duma and was intended with a choice victory of the communist party of Russia as a science Minister.

It cooperates with Professor. Dr. Dieter Bimberg of the technical University of Berlin.

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