Ein Römer liest eine Schriftrolle - Von einem Sarkophag im Garten der Villa Balestra
Romans reads a scroll - from a Sarkophag in the garden of the mansion Balestra

scroll (also book role, Rotulus) is the name for from papyrus or from long Pergamentbahnen existing oldest form of a book. The courses were rolled because of better handiness.

The scroll became between that 4. and 6. Century to the majority by blattförmig cut Pergamentbögen replaced (Kodex).

Rotuli were however still in the Middle Ages not at all rare. In the German Middle Ages in particular grundherrschaftliche listings were led as Rotuli (therefore it also the German designation Rodel). Only isolated there were paper Rotuli (for example a Papierrotulus over the process displays of the pin meal 1353-1355).

In the early modern times there was the Totenrotel in such a way specified, which informed also together-adhesive Pergamentstücken for the purpose of the prayer memory other conventions of the death of own monks particularly in Benediktinerklöstern.

Today few books are only implemented as scroll, how this is still for ritual reasons with the Jewish Thora the case.

Of high importance for the Bible - science was the discovery of the scrolls of the dead sea.

From Rotulus also the designation deduces itself Rödel , with which one predominantly arable one designated.

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