Günter Grass, famous German writer

than writers are designated persons, who set their vocational emphasis in writing own literary texts. The term originates from that 18. Century, the Eindeutschungen of the words Skribent and author. Each writer is at the same time an author (author), however becomestoday in particular regards the authors of barking trichloroethylene TIC as writers. The authors of special texts against it are considered for example as special book authors.

As occupation the free writer is toward end 18. Century developed.

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can concern contents with the works of a writer both around telling Prosa - texts and dramas , essays or lyric works. Writer is a over term for authors or authors of the text kinds mentioned. Every now and then writers become, those the emphasis of their work upa kind shift accordingly as Romancier, dramatists, essayist or poets designation.

training and training

it do not give certain training as the writer. Many authors taught themselves the letter completely simply. Others study at universities or academies, visit courses orread books. At the university Leipzig (Deutsches_Literaturinstitut_Leipzig ) there are Hildesheim and the university meanwhile training writerelating to crafts as the writer. Also numerous write workshops and write seminars like e.g. boy the literature forum Hessen Thuringia or the Marburger summer academy offers interactive training to beginning authors and sometimes Coaching throughestablished representative of the occupation. At German Literaturinstitut in Leipzig there is a course of studies for writers with examination and diploma since 1995.

Carefully one should being with offers like “in 30 days to the own book”. Thereby first the schools, which offer such “courses”, make money.

Forbeginning writers is suitable for the entrance (and even in the further career/development) the use of an author platform. Publishing in the Internet makes a first contact possible to readers and over feedback and/or. Panels can with Gleichgesinnten and interested basic knowledge relating to crafts to be attained and developed.

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