designates shoe polish with shoe polish ointment or gel-like creams, which are meant from shoes for the care (food, color revitalization, protection and gloss ) of the smooth leather shank. Thus shoe polish ranks among the shoe preservative agents.

Main effect components are the wax compositions contained in the means (impregnation, gloss and protection), as well as the oils and/or fats (suppleness of the leather). Besides still small quantities (less than 1 per cent) become coloring materials (to the color revitalization) and larger quantities of release and/or. Diluent (with it the ready for use consistency of an ointment is reached), as well as frequently Geruchsstoffe and with emulsion creams also preservatives added.

One differentiates between hard wax creams (in flat tin cans) and emulsion creams (in tubes or crucibles).


Helge Sternke: Everything over gentleman shoes. Nicolai publishing house, Berlin, 2006, 560 S., 450 fig., ISBN 3-89479-252-3

(with detailed representation of the composition and effect way of different shoe polish types, as well as their historical development.)

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