Schuhfetischismus or also Retifismus is on shoes and/or. beschuhte feet of referred Fetischismus.

In former times into the Sexualforschung used, today uncommon designation Retifismus goes back on Retif de la Bretonne (“Retif” also “Restif”) and its fetischistische preference for lady's-slippers and - feet. In its autobiography “Monsieur Nicolas” (1794-1797) it writes concerning this among other things: “Of the most violent, completely abgöttischen passion for Colette away-cleverly to see and feel wähnte I it to physical, by I the shoes, which it had evenly still carried, with my hands beta-constant. I pressed my lips on one this small desert, while in an accumulation of rage the other one replaced the woman to me… This bizarre, mad benefit seemed me - as I was to say? - to lead on straight way to Colette themselves. “

Beside that particularly spread preference for high paragraphs is probably each kind footwear also as Fetisch to be found. Beside material and form can e.g. also the smell play a role. The respective degree at Ausdifferenzierung can be very different thereby, is called the one likes e.g. each kind of hochhackiger shoes, the other one excluding Turnschuhe of a certain model. Regarding the spreading and general acceptance of such fetischistischer preferences it is worth mentioning that with on-line auction platforms always a larger number of respectable salesmen (there is predominant shop assistants) offers its used shoes under December ducks to references as “gladly carried”.

In many cases the shoes are not sufficient to the exclusive Stimulanz however. The remaining clothes, above all socks, particularly nylon, and the roles of the partners mostly play a further role. Schuhfetischismus can often be located in connection with dominance. There are more under the heterosexual Schuhfetischisten probably dominant factor women and more devote men than in reverse.

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  • of men ejakulieren on or into the shoes, or enclose their Penis with the shoes over with them to masturbieren.
  • Women penetrieren themselves with shoes (points and paragraphs).


  • it is smelled at carried shoes. The mixture from the smell of the shoe and the sweat of the carrier contributes to the excitation.


  • the active partner runs on the passive.

Ballcrushing and/or. Ballbusting

  • stepping on or into the sex parts.


  • sexual satisfaction of the partner with the shoes.


  • the clean leakage or flash of the shoes or boots.


  • the Zertreten of articles.

Footplay, Shoeplay, Dangling

  • of plays with the shoes, e.g. constant on and taking off, or which let shoes hang on the toes.


  • the penetration with the fingers or the hand into the shoe, while the foot is in it.

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