the sole is the general-linguistic name for the bearing surface of a shoe, thus the lower part of the shoe soil, which is in direct contact to the underground.

The shoe soil (the part of the shoe, which is in demarcation zm shoe shank underneath the foot) can consist of several situations/layers (= soles). A possible allocation of the shoe soil (of the foot toward underground) would look as follows:

  • Cover fire sole
  • fire sole (interior sole)
  • Ausballung
  • intermediate sole (possible several)
  • run sole

the interior sole marks the part of the sole, that within the shoe lies and directly with the sole in contact comes (it is, it is a cover fire sole over it). The external sole or run sole is corresponding the outside part of the shoe soil, which is with the soil in contact.

An inserting sole is a loose additional interior sole put into the shoe. Inserting soles are aid, the lack of the shoe to adjust are (foot sweat to absorb, against cooling down isolate, mechanical absorption offer etc.). With a medical indication an insert (foot bedding) can serve also the reorganization of the foot or Schmerzlinderung (orthopedic insert).

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used materials

property of interior soles should in the pit gegerbtem leather be in principle out vegetable, because this

(A) make a good shoe climate possible and
(B) for a sturdy shoe provide (the fire sole is the backbone of the shoe, to the shank and run sole to be fastened).

By the majority however from cost reasons of interior soles from impregnated pasteboard or plastic fabrics are blocked (around this to hide, cover fire soles are glued on).

Run soles are mostly manufactured made of leather , rubber (nature latex or a mixture from artificial rubber with nature rubber) or plastic. Beside to most common and rubber and leather soles available in very different qualities become with certain shoe models also Holzsohlen, cork soles or soles, those mode purposes from unusual materials (z. B. Plexiglass) exist, finished.

forms of soles

  • paragraph sole: Most soles have a paragraph. The paragraph is the part of the sole, to which under the heel of the foot is.
  • Soles without visibly separated paragraph are called flat of soles.
  • Wedge soles are soles, which like a wedge from the front foot to the heel rises. Wedge soles have usually no separate paragraph.
  • Plateau soles are soles, which are more thickly than usual under the front foot.


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