School medicine

the term school medicine originally used by trailers of so-called „alternative healing methods “, however increasingly also colloquially for the designation and demarcation of the medicine, which at universities and universities is taught and developed after scientific principles.

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critical valuation

of representatives of the scientific medicine the use of the term is devaluing criticized „school medicine “ as : Falsely suggest „to school “a firm Lehrmeinung, those in firm thinking structures arrested and incapable of innovationsis. The term school medicine was coined/shaped originally also purposefully devaluing and should not not be used therefore. The better term would be „university medicine “or „science medicine “.


original originates the term from the second third 19. Century. 1876 hadit the homöopathische physician Franz Fischer from wine garden in a letter to the editorship of the layman magazine „Homöopathi monthly sheets “coined/shaped. Fischer's expression is based probably on a report of cock man, these 1832 published and against humoralpathologische therapy beginnings had directedwas. In their “the speech is from „the medical profession of the school. „The schoolmedical “treatment beginnings at that time had however nothing in common with the today's university medicine. They referred to the so-called allopathische medicine, in 19. Century on the basis Galen Juice teachings were based.

At present the national socialism the term in Germany was used to diffamieren around the predominantly Jewish medical profession and instead of its healthy „people medicine “or one „new German medicine “as counterpart for „verjudeten school medicine “toopublicise (see also:Medicine in the national socialism).

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