Black Africa

as black Africa one designates the part of the African continent, which south the seeing era is.

The term has its origin in the skin color of the inhabitants of this region ( the black African) and therefore of some as is not politically correctly regarded. Therefore becomes at itsPlace occasionally the term Subsahara Africa uses, which could not itself intersperse however in German, while in the English linguistic area generally of the Sub Saharan Africa one speaks.

The seeing era is a barrier, which Africa partitions geographically , ethnical and culturally clearly. During North Africa during its whole historywith the remainder of the Mediterranean area in active exchange, was black Africa up to the Kolonialisierung stood, despite which very old Transsahara Handelsrouten isolates, to a large extent. The European designation „dark continent “for Africa refers therefore particularly to black Africa and does not only agitate from the skin color of the inhabitantsago, but also from the unexploredness interior to far into the second half 19. Century.


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