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Wappen der Stadt Schweinfurt Deutschlandkarte, Position von Schweinfurt hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Lower Franconia
district: Circle-free city
surface: 35.63 km ²
inhabitants: 54.012 (31. Dec. 2005)
Population density: 1,516 inhabitants for each km ²
unemployment ratio: 8.1% (April '06, source: Work agency)
height: 213 m and.NN
postal zip codes: 97401 - 97424
preselection: 09721
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 50° 03 ' N, 10° 14 ' O
50° 03 ' N, 10° 14 ' O
Kfz characteristics: SW
municipality key: 09 6 62 000
city arrangement: 15 quarters of urban districts
of the city administration:
Market 1
97421 pig ford
official Website: www.schweinfurt.de
Oberbürgermeisterin: Gudrun Grieser (CSU)

pig ford is a circle-free city in the governmental district Lower Franconia (Bavaria), one of the compression chambers that Federal Republic of Germany. In the old German Reich (HRR) the city was free realm city.

The name changed from Suinuurde over Suinfurte, Swinvordi, Sweinvort and Sweinfurt finally to pig ford. Also latin name Porcivadum one corresponds to the sense“for pigs passable ford”, a “ford, at which (wild) pigs are”.

A famous son pig ford is Friedrich back ore, the speak-talented poet and translator.

Pig ford taper roller bearing industry (ball Fischer George shepherd, Fichtel & Sachs, combined taper roller bearing factories (VKF)) a goal of violent air raids was in The Second World War.

The museum George shepherd (opening 23. September 2000), donated of George shepherd, shows among other things important works of the oldGerman painting.

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Since 791 the namentliche mention “Swinfurt” is well-known. Interpretations over the emergence kept themselves persistent. Oncethe derivative of the well-known bristle cattle, on the other hand of “ford”, an accessible, shallow place in the river. A dialect Vierzeiler united both interpretations:

The name pig ford comes exactly the chronicle after vonera sow, Un´ " ford ", DOS comes from seicht´n the Mee, there sen´die sownü largely un´ clover.

The ingenious languagescholarly son of the city, Friedrich back ore, saw itself compelled to the following verse:

If Main ford would have, wine ford could have been called, because you led wine, but should be pig ford, pig ford it.

city arrangement

Marktplatz mit Rathaus
market place alsoCity hall
  • old part of town
  • Bergl (since 1951)
  • German yard (since 1970)
  • donkey height (since 1984)
  • garden city
  • Haardt (since 1967)
  • port (since 1963)
  • Hainig
  • high field (since 1952)
  • hell valley
  • city center
  • Main valley (since 1995)
  • musician quarter
  • upper village (since 1919 in in common December)
  • stone mountain (since 1952)

culture andAnnually

the “Friedrich Rückert price of the city pig ford " assigns objects of interest the city pig ford to outstanding writers.

In the then realm city pig ford was created 1652 the German academy of the natural scientists Leopoldina (designated after emperor Leopold II., one the joint founder), those todaytheir seat in resounds to the Saale has. The Leopoldina hospital today still reminds of this establishment.

objects of interest

work on []


  • theatre of the city pig ford
  • culture workshop discord
  • Hans Sachs group - care of the latemedieval nearly night play, the literature generally and the Renaissance dance
  • doll theatre without name


  • cultural center place station


  • museum George shepherd -The museum George shepherd presents the most important private collection of the art of the German-speaking countries 19. Century.
  • Library Otto shepherd - today the library retains approximately thousand illustrated pressures, primarily 15. and 16. Century. A second collection dedicates itself thatFirst editions of German literature from the reformation time to realism and constantly changing exhibitions by gallery
  • old person Reichsvogtei - contemporary art in Franconia museum
  • old High School - leads emphasis of the homeland-historical collection is early history since that 9. Century, representations thatOld city hall museum Gunnar Wester house - Naturkundliches museum - resounds to realm city time,
  • the citizen culture,
  • the guild life and the beginning of the industrialization bird collection Büder pupils shows articles of the fire production
  • and light (collection count Luxburg). Herbarium Emmert. Butterflies
  • artist yard upper village
  • museum-educational service



pig ford is with an inland port at the Main, two motorways (A70 and A71) and two stations (main station and the small in-town station, which are started only by regional courses) of the German course AG in the transportation networkmerged.

rail traffic

three important suburban traffic distances, part for the binding to the long-distance traffic net serve, run by pig ford:

) gives it to two further railroad lines:

  • 809 pig ford - Kitzingen, shut down, is however ready for use and occasionally for the goods traffic and special train travels is used (lower riser forest course)
  • Waigolshausen - Gemünden; The electrified, single-railed railroad line branches in Waigolshausen of the KBS 810. In Gemünden the distance meets Aschaffenburg the main routes peppering castle - Fulda and peppering castle - and is thereby an important by-pass route of the course knot peppering castle. It is used exclusively for the goods traffic. (Who valley course)



to federal highways pig ford because of the following federal highways:


  • airfield pig ford south - has a grass runway, serves primarily for starting and landing the engine and gliders of the resident of association“Aero club pig ford registered association” and because of the central binding to pig ford also as traffic route for corporate aircraft and - helicopters.


in 19. Century was developed in pig ford (poisonous) the color Schweinfurter green and particularly exported into the Tropics, thereit termite-resistant coatings made possible.

Admits is pig ford by its metalworking industry, in particular antifriction bearing and bicycle - technology. As largest companies to call SKF ( Svenska Kullagerfabriken) is, the Schaeffler kg (formerly FAG ball Fischer AG), those to Bosch Rexrothbelonging Bosch Rexroth Mechatronics GmbH (formerly German star GmbH) and the ZF Sachs AG (formerly Fichtel & Sachs) with the millionfold built torpedo resignation brake hub, later the torpedo three-course hub and the legendary Sachs fractional horsepower motors. Fischer built the first Tretkurbelfahrrad of the world,to visit in the urban museum.

In the Second World War the city due to the concentration of war-important antifriction bearing production (over 60% of the total production of the German Reich) repeats the goal of American bomber attacks, by which production was occasionally paralyzed. The heaviest attacks17 found to. August and to 14. October 1943 instead of (see also operation double Strike and Black Thursday). In addition, under large efforts the factories were repaired or replaced and partly shelter-like protected from bombs, it became large partsproduction to other locations shifts, so that the meaning decreased pig ford.

Today delivery parts for the automobile industry are manufactured, like e.g. Clutches, torque converters, shock absorbers and controls.

Since 1979 a work of the health company Fresenius dialysis devices produces in today's world market leader shank.

In the course of the shrinking meaning of the producing trade, pig ford strives around a reorientation on cultural sector, for example with the museum George shepherd.

urban mechanisms

sport and leisure time swimming pool “Silvana”, indoor swimming pool, public library, school of music, zoo forest recreation site oaks.


  • hauptschule
    • Albert Schweitzer - elementary school
    • Auen elementary school
    • peace elementary school
    • private one Montessori school
  • Bayernkolleg pig ford
  • Friedrich Fischer school, Staatl. Technical and occupation high school
  • professional school peppering castle pig ford
  • vocational schools
    • Ludwig Erhard vocational school pig ford - commercial vocational school II



  • 1. Fiber plastic pig ford 05
  • TG 1848 pig ford
  • TV pig ford upper village e. V.
  • 1. Check valve 1892 pig ford e. V. (Wheel ball)
  • sports association Bergl 1960 e. V. Pig ford
  • 1. AFC ball Bearings pig ford 1985 e. V. (AmericanFootball)
  • ERV pig ford “Mighty Dogs” (ice hockey)
  • FT pig ford
  • 1. Swimming club pig ford 1913 registered association.
  • Aero club pig ford e. V. (Flies)
  • DJK pig ford e. V.
  • T.V. Jahn 1895 pig ford e. V.
  • HC pig ford (Feldhockey, Hallenhockey, tennis)
  • Schweinfurter rudder club Franconia 1882 e. V.
  • VfR07 pig ford (football)
  • sports club 1900 pig ford
  • FV Türk Gücü pig ford
  • gulf club pig ford e. V.
  • Schweinfurter ball-casually e. V. (Pétanque)
  • FSV pig ford 1980 e. V.


of sons and daughters of the city

  • 1473, Johannes Cuspinian, † 1529, human
  • 1605, 30. September - Johann Lorenz Bausch, † 17. November 1665, physician
  • 1695, 10. September - Johann Lorenz brook, † 14. December 1773, composer
  • 1705, 12. February - Johann Elias brook, † 30. November 1755, composer
  • 1788, 16. May - Friedrich back ore, †31. January 1866, Orientalist, poet
  • 1812, Philipp Moritz Fischer, † 1890, inventor, technical designer
  • 1844, Carl Christian Giegler alias Giegler pasha † 1921, telegraph engineer and governor of the Sudan
  • 1896, 23. July - Willy Sachs, † 19. November 1958, dt. Industrieller
  • 1896, 7. August - George shepherd, † 27. January 1975, entrepreneur
  • 1898, 26. February - Karl Astel, † 04. April 1945 in Jena, race public health specialist
  • 1902, 20. February - Otto cook, † 03. January 1948 in Weimar/beech forest, mayor ofWeimar in the third realm
  • 1907, 15. April - Giselher Wirsing, † 1975, journalist
  • 1911, 30. March - Heini Dittmar, † 28. April 1960, sail flier
  • 1912, 1. February - Albin Kitzinger, † 6. August 1970, football national player
  • 1914, 7.May - Andreas's “other” copper, † 30. April 2001, football national player
  • 1937, 13. December - Paul Maar, Kinderbuchautor

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