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Lage der Stadt Schwelm in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Arnsberg
regional association Ruhr
district: Ennepe Ruhr circle
surface: 20.5 km ²
inhabitants: 30.310 (31. December 2003)
Population density: 1,482 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 213 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 58332
preselection: 02336
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 16 ' n. Break, 7° 16 ' o. L.
51° 16 ' n. Break, 7° 16 ' o. L.
Kfz characteristic: EN
municipality key: 05 9 54 024
city arrangement: 13 so-called. Neighbourhoods
of the city administration:
Main street 14
58332 Schwelm
official Website:
E-Mail address:
mayor: Dr. Jürgen stone-moves (CDU)

Schwelm is the surface-moderately smallest city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and the district town of the Ennepe Ruhr circle. The city is in the range regional association Ruhr.

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Schwelm is because of the southern edge of the eastern Ruhr district in Westphalia at the border to the Bergi country. Called for this reason it also “gate of Westphalia “and in particular with older denominations is the additive i.W.(in Westphalia).

Schwelm is appropriate for city arrangement the city Schwelm between Wuppertal , Ennepetal


[work on] is divided into 13 so-called neighbourhoods (outlaw de Muer, Brunnen, Fronhof, Linderhausen, Loh, Möllenkotten, Oberstadt, Oehde, Ossenkamp, Parlament, red water, winter mountain, to the old post office) those annuallythe Schwelmer homeland celebration align. The names of the neighbourhoods are partly Schwelmer flat and are derived from geographical, historical or architectural characteristics. They represent however no urban districts in the actual sense.

The neighbourhood upper city is not become known by the song play with the Schmuddelkindern of Franz Josef Degenhardt. In the upper city (according to the song) the “good children” live.


Schwelm with Christ church and. Winter mountain

the history of Schwelm can be retraced in the Middle Ages. Already around 900 n. Chr. the name “Suelmiu” dips as old-GreekWaters designation for the brook, which today's Schwelme up, which was named-giving finally for place. When oldest city applies the Fronhof, in whose height finally also the old market and the church formed. These were mentioned for the first time documentary 1085. Long time in kurkölnischer hand, that turned outLand piece of Schwelm finally into the possession of the counts of the Mark.

Municipal rights were lent Schwelm to 1496 for the first time. 5 years later were extracted Schwelm municipal rights again, since the Schwelmer had drawn the anger national gentlemen on itself. Nevertheless mayoralty and citizen advice remained existing further.That was also necessarily it raved many heavy and less heavy city fires in the city, which required a capable crisis staff. To 16. June 1590 then again municipal rights lent at Schwelm back and this time stayed it also with this.

Since 1929 is SchwelmDistrict town.


the town councillor build themselves up as follows:

  • CDU: 18 seats
  • SPD: 13 seats
  • the Greens: 5 seats
  • citizens for Schwelm (BFS) of 4 seats
  • Schwelmer voter community registered association. (SWG): 4 seats
  • FDP: 3 seat
  • NPD: 1 seat

mayoris Dr. Jürgen stone-moves (CDU), 1. Deputy Bürgermeisterin Christiane Sartor (CDU) and 2. Deputy mayor Günter Dresen (SPD).

Schwelm does not have partnerships between cities.

culture and objects of interest

objects of interest

house March field

house March field (also lock March field called) are oneformer castle plant of the knights wall-hope. The manor is since that 14. Century demonstrably. To the house March field belongs a latemedieval military tower of 1450 and a gate tower of 1627. By several changes and purge the appearance of the plant changed itself strongly. In 18. Century becamethe west wing torn off and with style elements of bergischen community centre architecture provide the building. The park, in that the building today is appropriate and also the chapel became in 19. Century put on by Friederike by Elverfeldt. The name March field is derived from the term for swampy field.House March field serves today as homeland-historical museum.

Schwelmer brewery

one of the oldest buildings Schwelms is the administration building of the brewery Schwelm (formerly hair man & Kathagen). The Rietz´ house in such a way specified is located in the middle in the city centre and to 1701 was built. Since 1830 becomein Schwelm beer brewed, the brewery Schwelm ranks among the few private breweries in Germany. The brewery was world-wide one first breweries, which of Holzfässern on (of the Schwelmer iron work developed) email - metal barrels of changed over.

Christ church

the Schwelmer Christ church is considered as those Church (not cathedral) with the highest church towers, as well as largest resounding church in Westphalia.

Schwelmer old part of town

in the old part of town have only few houses the devastating city fires 18. Jhds. projected.

regular meetings

Schwelmer homeland celebration

regular find at the 1. Septemberwochende the Schwelmer homeland celebration instead of. It has approx. 40,000 visitors. High point is similar beside the Kirmes a removal of motive cars with the Cologne Karneval. The homeland celebration has each year a newSlogan on flat German. In the year 2005 it was “Et giet nix wades et nich giet” (there is not which it does not give). The slogan for 2006 reads “Vie places wades oppe Beene”.


a further regular meeting inSchwelm is the large Trödelmarkt, which takes place each year in May and in October. To this Trödelmarkt come usually approx. 35.000-40.000 visitors. It is the far beyond city boundaries admitted and likes. Parallel to it an salesopen Sunday takes place.

economics and infrastructure

The economic situation Schwelms is problematic, since in the last years many local enterprises closed or made dismissals. The unemployment ratio lay with 8,4% (conditions 2003) still easily below the average in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Well-known Schwelmer enterprise is beside the brewery:

  • the piano factory Rud. Ibach son,since 1794 the pianos manufactures and thus of Germany of oldest piano manufacturers is. The enterprise is in the family estate.
  • the Schwelmer iron work was into the 60's 20. Jhds. world-wide one of the prominent manufacturers of gasoline gasoline pumps for gas stations. Even in the U.S.A. one could do thoseColumns find. The Schwelmer iron work was also one of the first producers of enamelled Stahlfässern, which replaced the up to then common wooden Bierfässer around 1905.
  • Gepa (now in Wuppertal) as a society for fair trade with the third world in such a way specified in Schwelm one based andtoday the largest fair trading organisation is in Europe.

to sport

as sport teams in Schwelm above all the former basketball federal league association union Baskets, and the football district lyingist, the VfB Schwelm are placed, into the foreground.

public mechanisms

Schwelm is seat forthe cities Breckerfeld, Ennepetal, Gevelsberg and Schwelm of responsible district court.


the situation of Schwelm is extremely traffic favorable. The city is because of the motorways A 1, A 43 and A 46 and crossed of the B7 and B 483.

The city has a station, which is because of the railroad line of Wuppertal after Hagen in Westphalia. In addition there is a second rapid-transit railway yard, Schwelm west.

The following lines of the SPNV drive into North-Rhine/Westphalia into Schwelm:

The direct connection of the city with the Ruhr district over the railroad line joke Schwelm was shut down 1980 finally. Today there is a regular high-speed bus connection, line SB37,to Bochum.

The city belongs to the traffic group Rhine Ruhr . In addition the tariff of the traffic community Ruhr lip applies to travels into their traffic area. The tariff of the traffic group Rhine victory is considered as transition tariff to Cologne.


of sons and daughters of the city

The following persons are born in Schwelm (listing chronologically after birthday):


  • PetraGallmeister, Wolfgang Fenner, Claudia Menne:Schwelm. (Preface of Rainer DO ring), city Schwelm (Hg.). Fount, ISBN 3-87093-077-2

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