understands the force of gravity under the force of gravity , weight or gravitational pull of the earth Kraft, which affect a body on the earth's surface. It sits down together from the attraction of the earth caused by the gravitation and the centrifugal energy caused by the earth rotation. The term the force of gravity is used also often synonymously for gravitation. In the following the speech is only from the force of gravity in the sense of gravitational pull of the earth.

The force of gravity lends its weight to the bodies. While the force of gravity designates the basic phenomenon, the weight is oneCharacteristic, which is assigned to a concrete body.

The force of gravity is the cause of the acceleration due to gravity or acceleration due to gravity, which a freely falling body on the earth's surface experiences, except the force of gravity of further Kraft is not exposed to which. Is on a bodythe working force of gravity equal the product from its measures and acceleration due to gravity.

The local variation of the force of gravity and concomitantly acceleration due to gravity corresponds to that of the Earth's gravity field. It is mainly a consequence of the centrifugal energy and the flattening of the earth and amounts tofor different geographical widths 0.5%. It depends on the earth's surface furthermore slightly on the height over the sea.

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