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Stadtwappen der Stadt Schwerte Lage der Stadt Schwerte in Deutschland
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: North Rhine-Westphalia
governmental district: Arnsberg
circle: Unna
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 51° 27 ' N, 7° 34 ' O
51° 27 ' N, 7° 34 ' O
height: 120 m and. NN
surface: 56.2 km ²
inhabitants: 52.344 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 900 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 58239
preselection: 02304
Kfz characteristics: UN
municipality key: 05 9 78 028
of the city administration:
Rathausstr. 31
58239 swords
Website: www.schwerte.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: HeinrichBöckelühr (CDU)

swords is a middle one city circle-belonging in the Ruhr district, circle Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The city is in the range regional association Ruhr.

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geographical situation

of swords is located southeast from Dortmund at the Ruhr in the eastern Ruhr district. To a large extent wooded Höhenzug in the north of the city is called Ardeygebirge.

city arrangement

the today's city of sword became 1975by the local regional reorganization from the cities Geisecke, much-lie to swords and west yards as well as the municipalities Ergste , and wall yards in an educated manner. Also parts of the neighbour municipalities felling trees and light village came to sword.


  • 962 first documentary mention as“Suerte” by Engelbert, the abbott of the abbey.
  • 1096 the peasantry Ergste one calls for the first time as “Argeste” in a document.
  • 1243 swords falls to the county Mark
  • of 1248 oldest certifications over the realm yard west yards.
  • 1359 Engelbert Sobbe, castle man to sword,the hospital donates to the holy spirit.
  • 1391 count Dietrich I. from the Mark permits to strike the city own coins.
  • 1397 count Dietrich I. from the Mark sword lends the full municipal law.
  • The privilege receives 1406 the city for extensionthe attachment ditches and for the collection of way money at the town-gates.
  • 1508 the pc. Viktor church is extended by the gothical high choir.
  • 1523 in the pc. Viktor church is set up the golden altar.
  • 1547 the foundation-stone for the building of the old person of city hall (today Ruhr valley museum) is put.
  • 1565 swords the layer nature are recorded for the first time.
  • 1609 after the death of the last count of the Mark fall swords to the cure principality Brandenburg, which comes up later in the Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Their own school regulations issue 1701 the city.
  • 1796 are mentioned for the first time the Jewish cemetery at the north barrier.
  • 1799 Dr. Friedrich Bährens accomplishes the first smallpox protective inoculation into swords.
  • 1801 in the city are furnished a grain market.
  • 1811 all connecting roads between the market and the town-gates is paved.
  • 1818Because of fire risk one forbids establishing houses with straw and Schindeldächern.
  • 1853 the savings bank to sword one bases.
  • 1867 swords receives a railway connection.
  • 1914 the new city hall are finished placed.
  • 1922 in sword east are taken the Eisenbahnausbesserungswerk in enterprise.
  • 1933 In the old person city hall is opened the Ruhr valley museum.
  • 1937 attendance by Adolf Hitler into swords.
  • 1938 to 9. November is devastated the synagog.
War memorial in Ergste
  • 1943 demands the bombardment and destruction of the concrete dam of the poppy dam by British bombers innumerable victims,since an enormous Flutwelle pours by the Ruhr valley and does not release so far again a reached century flood.
  • 1946 the again established Ruhr bridge one gives for traffic freely.
  • 1961 the motorway section of the motorway A1 between Hagen and came copesplaced, so that swords receives its motorway connection.
  • 1975 incorporations in the course of the local re-organization (S. ) 1988
  • into swords for the first time 50,000 citizens and citizen live city arrangement.
  • Its 600-jähriges city anniversary celebrates 1997 swords.
  • 1998 the 1993 in the local part Ergste closed Elsebad as citizen bath Elsetal is again-opened.
  • 2002 the again arranged pedestrian precinct one inaugurates.
  • 2003 the citizen and cultural center in the former Rohrmeisterei are finished placed.
Swords pc. Viktor church

inhabitant development

  • 1738 approx. 1,100 inhabitants
  • 1900 approx. 12,000 inhabitants
  • 1925approx. 17,000 inhabitants
  • 1988 approx. 50,000 inhabitants
  • 2005 49,961 inhabitants (deadline 30. June 2005 according to information of the mayoralty of the city of swords)


the most important political organ of the city is an town councillor, that over the affairs of the municipalityand principles of the city administration, which is led by the mayor, decides.

The 2004 town councillor von Schwerte selected last covers 44 members and consists of 19 selected representatives of the CDU, 15 councillors belongs to the SPD , 5 alliance 90/Die the Green,3 the WfS (voter combination for swords) and 2 of the FDP.

admits is the city in the political area also for the Elsebad in the local part Ergste, which is honorary operated since 1998, there its recent history as so mentionedCitizen bath is linked with engaged citizens' participation. To the turn of the year 1994/1995 the first successful citizen desiring led in North-Rhine/Westphalia to the later reopening before of the open-rir swimming pool closed of the city swords.


mayor is Heinrich Böckelühr (CDU)when successors of Ursula Sobelat (SPD), which was from 1992 to 1999 the first Bürgermeisterin of sword. With the local election of 26. September 2004 it was confirmed with 51,4 per cent of the votes in the office and as only mayors inCircle Unna in the first ballot selected.

partnerships between cities

culture and objects of interest

  • pc. Viktor church (14. Jh.) with a carving altar Antwerpener altar of 1523
  • lategothical city hallwith (now Ruhr valley museum) Rohrmeisterei
  • concert company
  • swords choir
  • of the concert company swords Kunterbunt
  • registered association summerhouse-resounds. (Alternative cultural center)

economics and infrastructure


  • of swords can with the car over the federal motorways A 1 (Cologne Bremen, departure of swords) or A 45 (Frankfurt A. M. - Dortmund, departure sword Ergste) to be reached. In the Westhofener cross, admits the motorway A 45 by frequent traffic jam informations, crosses the motorway A 1. With the federal highway there is B 236 traffic facilities to the southern cathedral Muenster and the sour country.

public installations

of swords is seat of the district court responsible for the city.

resident enterprise

  • German nickel AG with 300It
  • gives EuroCoin to coworkers since 05/2005 no more
  • steel plants Ergste Westig GmbH
  • Hoesch high Limburg GmbH
  • foundry walter dog living GmbH
  • head office of flowers of tears
  • J.D. Theile GmbH & cost. Kg - Production of chains
  • ültje GmbH
  • F.H. Papenmeier GmbH & COKg
  • of Motip Dupli GmbH - lacquers and screeding compounds (“prestolith”)
  • Marienkrankenhaus gGmbH
  • becom information systems GmbH


  • the house much-convenient seat of the Evangelist compendium of studies registered association is in the property of the Evangelist church of Westphalia and is. Much-lain, thatTrade conferences for the educational and theological away and further training offers.
  • The catholic academy of swords (cardinal hunter house) is a conference and a training further center in working group of the ore diocese Paderborn.
  • The 1985 created Ruhr academy in the house Ruhr (sword wall yards) is private Lehrinstitut for diagram Design andArt.
  • Ruhr valley High School
  • Friedrich Bährens High School
  • comprehensive school of swords
  • unity school community hauptschule of swords
  • two six-form high schools (six-form high school at the Bohlgarten, six-form high school at the city park), one promotion school (Pestalozzischule) and seven primary schools (Albert Schweitzer school, Friedrich Kayser school, Lenningskampschule, realm yard primary school west yards, primary school much-lies, to primary school Ergste and heath school) round the school educational provision off.- Swords is one of the first cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, which furnished a complete tag support at all primary schools.
  • People's highschool of swords


sons and daughters of the city

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