Scott Raynor

Scott Raynor (* 23. May 1978) was to summers a 1998 Schlagzeuger of the American Punk - skirt - volume blink-182. Then Travis Barker replaced it.

After its commitment it played with various other volume, like z. B. The of talking liner, Death on Wednesday, One TRACK Mind, Trailer park Queen and Grimby also, which dissolved however meanwhile again. With talking liner and Death on Wednesday played Raynor rhythm guitar. He learned Marks of Hoppus and Tom DeLonge after their “two-man volumes” - status know and became a Schlagzeuger of the Punk - skirt volume blink-182. Raynor participated in the albums Buddha (1993), Cheshire Cat (1994), and Dude Ranch (1997). On its 2005 published album Greatest hit was to be heard some songs with it, as well as on the DVD two music videos. It read out those volume because of a drinking problem, briefly before an extremely important appearance of blink-182. Travis Barker was found short term, which learned all Songs in 45 minutes, so that the appearance could take place nevertheless. It remained with blink-182.

Scott said the following about its withdrawal from that volume in an interview with the web page

I believe the largest misunderstanding am, which I was eliminated because of my drinking craze. Briefly after a route called me Marks, Tom and Rick (our manager). They gave to stop me an ultimatum with drinking and make a therapy. Since I considered this exaggerated, asks I only after one weekend considering time - they consented. I left and besoff' me. After the weekend I realized that I had an alcohol problem and a therapy would be necessary. With the telephone call they did not believe me a word. On the question, which I am to do over in that volume to remain, answered her “nothing! Pitch had! “I do not know thus heut yet the reason, why I am not any longer thereby. A further misunderstanding is, which would be somehow dismayed I not to be any longer thereby. When they did not believe me, I recognized that this no genuine friends were and I did not have interest in it with people to play, which are not my friends.


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