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Sean Connery in Wachs bei Madame Tussauds
Sean Connery in wax with madame Tussauds

Sir Thomas Sean Connery (* 25. August 1930 in Edinburgh, Schottland) is a Scottish actor.

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As a child it grows up in ärmlichen conditions; its father is a Fernfahrer and its nut/mother works as a charwoman. Sean Connery leaves the school early, in order to support its family financially. First he works as a lifeguard, before he with 16 its naval service start. The timeafter the naval service he spends printers with opportunity jobs, among other things as a milk man, Pferdekut, or also as Sargpolierer. Besides he finds the time to operate Body Building. It becomes in demand (act) model in Edinburgh kind the college and brings it 1950 to the Scottish master and to thirdPlace with the Mr. Universe - competition.

This led to its first play commitment in the choir of a production of the musical South Pacific. Afterwards it had still several roles in stage productions before it 1956 its first Filmrolle in the film the blind spider gets. 1962 help it the readershipDr. hunts for a Londoner daily paper by vote to the international break-through, as he the role of the James bond in the first film James bond 007. NO receives. It embodies the bond to 1971 six times, before it turns grey it with 53 years and easily to 1983 a seventh andlast mark plays. Sean Connery played, is most diverse roles among considerable directors in its career it as a war hero, policeman, submarine commander, master thief, king, Unsterblicher or as aging lovers in Robin Hood and Marian. For many of its fans it remains however that only protectsBond.

Its popularity uses Connery also, in order to use itself for the interests of its homeland and its inhabitants. Thus it created the donation Scottish with own means internationally Educational Trust, which assigns fellowships for talentierte Scots. it can 1970 be persuaded again andJames bond slips under the producer bottom plate Saltzman/Brocolli in the film diamond fever (1971) into the role of the secret agent hated for it, whose fee flows completely into its donation. He endeavors untiringly for years also for the independence of Scotland and is member and promoter of the ScottishNational party.

2000 became Sean Connery for its earnings/services around Scotland of queen Elizabeth II. to the knight struck. Unusual way took place the ceremony in Edinburgh and Connery carried a Kilt. Some state, it would have already in former times received its appointment, if it itself notas admitting Scottish Patriot would have engaged. After Connerys own feeling highest honour became it 1991 assign, when he received the honor Freedom OF the town center OF Edinburgh from the city Edinburgh.

At the 3. December 2005 received Sean Connery the European film price for its life's work fromthe European film academy. Similarly to it will it in June 2006 by the American film of institutes (AFI) in Los Angeles „would run Achievement Award “for its life's work assign to become.

Already since longer Sean Connery has its domicile in Spain and lives with its second wife Me LINE Roquebrune in Andalusien and on the Bahamas.



the Scot Connery 2004 in the Kilt in Washington D.C.

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