Sean Paul

Sean Paul on MTV the Day 2005 in Bologna

Sean Paul Henriques (* 8. January 1973 in Kingston) is Jamaican thank-resounds - interpreter. It has a Portuguese grandfather and a sephardische grandmother on the paternal side as well as an African grandfather and a Chinese grandmother mütterlicherseits. Both parents grew up in Jamaica. As the first musical basis he got a 30$ key board from his nut/mother to 15. Birthday. After innumerable TRACKs his Debutsingle baby Girl brought it desired success in the year 1996. With befriend like mista e… it played for the Jamaican national team Wasserball.

In the years 2002 and 2003 he landed several Top Ten hits in the USA, Great Britain and Germany. Among other things it took up TRACKs with Beyoncé Knowles, Mya, Blu Cantrell, Fabolous, Brandy and Busta Rhymes . It is after Shaggy Jamaica most in demand musical export. With its dragging along Rythmen brings it thank-resound to all places to the world and cleared for it already several Awards like for example the “Best music video Award” with “MTV the music Award's” in the year 2003 in Toronto.

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  • 1999 - Chronicles
  • 2000 - steam turbine and gas turbine systems One
  • 2002 - Dutty skirt
  • 2005 - The Trinity


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