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Sean Penn [ʃɔːn pɛn] (* 17. August 1960 in Santa Monica, as Sean Justin Penn) is US - an American actor, director and an author.

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personal record

its father Leo Penn was a director, its nut/mother Eileen Ryan actress. For Sean Penn was clear thereby already in earliest childhood that it likewise actorswould become.

Together with his brother Chris and its friends Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez (the sons of Martin Sheen) and Rob lion it turned numerous super of 8 - Kurzfilme in its youth. After the High School it took play instructionand worked besides on the Group Repertory Theatre in Los Angeles, however not as an actor, but as Laufbursche and an assistant.

Its debut it gave at Broadway in the piece to Heartland. Already soon also Hollywood on Penn became attentively. Forhis first film the cadets of shelter Hill it stood 1981 with Tom Cruise before the camera. Due to its with the utmost care perfectionism and the extreme preparation for its roles, he became (following the father of the Method Acting, RobertDe Niro) frequently as „Sean De Niro “designates. It with the college comedy I had first successes believes, I stands in the forest and Dennis of hopper Colors.

1985 ensured Penn for attention, as it the Popsängerin Madonna married and onePhotographers flogged. Madonna dedicated its album True Blue to him. 1987 he came to a fight for one month into the prison.

It created its final break-through with the films Carlitos way, for which it one golden Globe - nominating receivedand Tim Robbins' DEAD one Walking, which it OSCAR - nominating brought in. 1999 and 2001 it for Sweet and Lowdown and I are again for the Academy Award nominated SAM.

After the terrorist attacks at the 11. September 2001 turnedit with eleven other directors the episode film 11 ' 09 ' 01. Penn is considered as very much Hollywood - critical and public shy. In order to be able to draw its two children up off the Starrummels, it pulled into the 80ern from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Are enoughTime it had participated from protest against the film industry in no OSCAR night.

When it received 2004 for Mystic River its fourth nominating, it showed versöhnlich and appeared themselves on the desire of its friend Clint Eastwood for award. Against mostExpectations got he the OSCAR as best leading actors and appeared obviously agitated.

Beside its friends Tim crawl in and Susan Sarandon is considered to Penn as one the largest and most active Bush - critics. In the apron of the third Gulf War it visited the Iraqand participated in numerous demonstrations and protest meetings. In addition it wrote 19. October 2002 an open letter at George W. Bush. This was published as full-page articles in the expenditure for expenditureexpenditure the Washington post office.

Also as a director Penn made itselfa name.2000 it filmed Duerrenmatt - novel the promise with Jack Nicholson.

Sean Penn is married since 1996 with the actress Robin WRIGHT Penn, with which he has two children. Its marriage with Madonna became already 1989 divorced.It designated its first son hopper Jack after Dennis hopper and Jack Nicholson.

Also Seans brother, to 24. January the 2006 deceased Chris Penn, was an actor. Admits became it particularly by Quentin Tarantinos reservoir Dogs and Robert Altmans Short CUTs. Its older brother Michael Penn is a musician.


  • 1981: The cadets of shelter Hill (Taps)
  • 1982: I believe, I be located in the forest (nearly of Time RK Ridgemont High)
  • 1983:Bath Boys
  • 1985: The falcon and the Schneemann (The Falcon and the Snowman)
  • 1986: Shanghai Surprise
  • 1988: Colors - colors of the force (Colors)
  • 1989: The condemned ones of the war ('Casualties OF was)
  • 1990: In the forecourt toHell (State OF Grace)
  • 1993: Carlitos Way (Carlito's Way)
  • 1995: DEAD one Walking
  • 1997: The Game
  • 1997: U-turn
  • 1998: Hurlyburly
  • 1998: The narrow burr (The Thin talk LINE)
  • 1999: Sweet and Lowdown
  • 2001: Iare SAM (I at the SAM)
  • 2003: Mystic River
  • 2003: 21 gram (21 Grams)
  • 2004: The Assassination OF Richard Nixon
  • 2005: The woman interpreter (The interpreter)
  • 2006: All The King's Men


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