Sears Tower

base data
place: Chicago
use: Office building
costs: 175 millions US-$
construction period: 1973 - 1974
architect: Bruce Graham (SOM)
architectural style: - internationally style -
technical data
height up to the roof: 442 m
height up toTop speed: 527 m
broad: 9 squares (in each case 22 m)
elevators: 104
total area: 418.064 m ²
floors: 110
building material: Steel, aluminum
of the Sears Tower (left) compared with other high Wolkenkratzern.
A part of the Skyline of Chicago seen by the Sears Tower out.
Der Sears Tower vom Boden aus. Links von ihm erkennt man das 293 m hohe 311 South Wacker Drive.
The Sears Tower from the soil. To the left of him one recognizes 293 m high 311 South Wacker drive.

The Sears Tower is the highest building of Chicago and at the same time also at present highest Wolkenkratzer in the USA.

Itafter a three-year construction period in the year 1974 in Chicago one opened. With a height of 442 meters (with antenna of 527 meters) it was until 1997 the highest building of the world. In the year 1997 the Petronas Towers finally lodged a complaint in Kuala Lumpur (altogether 452 m) the title of the highest building for itself - however in the consequence violently about the crucial mass it was argued in particular whether the antenna height or the roof height is relevant. Nevertheless the Sears Tower possessed still thathighest accessible projectile in 440 meters height. It lost this title only by the opening of Taipei 101 in the year 2004 (altogether 508 m). With the overall height of 527 m it is today still the third-highest free standing building of the world(after the CN Tower in Toronto, 553 m, and the Ostankino tower in Moscow, 540 m) and the Petronas Towers towers above around 75 m as well as the Taipeh 101 around 19 M. Highest free standing building of the world was it however to noneTime, then was already higher with completion of the Sears Towers of the 1967 established Ostankino tower around approximately 20 meters. The Sears Tower is also the building with most floors (108). In the year 2000 one of its two antennas became around 7 mincreased (before 520 m), off then it towered above also the antenna point of the former World trade center in New York (approx. 521 m) and took over the record of the Wolkenkratzers of the world highest with antenna.

The tower became after the American retail trade company Sears designated, whose head office some time long in the Sears Tower was accommodated.

In the lobby is the sculpture The of university verses of Alexander Calder. The whole building is disguised with black aluminum. The front consists of approximately 16,100 windows.

Overthe view (up to 80 kilometers of range of vision) in four different states of Skydeck the called visitor platform in 103. Stick enjoy being allowed to do, must an admission fee be paid before: Persons at the age of 12-64 years pay 11.95 $, starting from 65Years costs it 9.95 $, for children at the age of 3-11 years must one 8.50 $ pay and for children under 3 years is free the attendance on the prospect platform. (Conditions 21. August 2005). Two elevators bring along visitorsapproximately 8 m/s (28.8 km/h, 480 meters per minute) on the Skydeck; they belong to the fastest world.

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coordinates: 41° 52 ' 43 " N, 87° 38 ' 9 " W


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