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Washington State
Washington State
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state: Washington State
district: King County
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 47° 37 ′ N, 122° 19 ′ W
47° 37 ′ N, 122° 19 ′ W
surface: 369,2 km ²
inhabitants: 571.480 (1. July 2004)
Population density: 1,548 inhabitants for each km ²
middle height: - NN
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mayor: Greg of nickel
Space Needle und Downtown Seattle
space Needle and Downtown Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in the US Federal State Washington. It lies in the northwest of the United States between that Puget sound and Lake Washington, about 180 km south the Canadian border in the district King County. In the year 2004 the city had 571,000 inhabitants. The city name goes back on the legendary Indianerhäuptling Chief Seattle (1786 - 1866), the 20 late because of its famous - however finally falsified - speech one the large Idole of the ecology movement . Century became.

Seattle has the surname rainy town center - and that, although the precipitation is smaller than in many differentUS-American cities. The pointed name comes from the many cloud-rich and rainy days in the year.

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large events in history Seattles were:

  • large fire of 1889, which destroyed the entire “Businesses District”, but cost Alaska Yukon Pacific exhibition
  • of 1909, those no human lives the sketch of the Campus thatUniversity OF Washington coined/shaped
  • general strike of 1919, which first general strike of the country
  • world exhibition of 1962
  • Goodwill Games of 1990
  • World Trade Organization - conference of 1999, which to violent excesses of some globalization - opponent and for the application of gas by the police led


as a birth hour of Seattle is regarded the arrival of the family Denny, the Denny in such a way specified party, to 13. November 1851 at the Alki POINT landed. They settled in April 1852 to the more wind-protected Elliott bay,the today's Pioneer Square, over. The first plans for the establishment of a settlement (“Town”), the so-called. “Plats”, became to 23. May 1853 submitted. The establishment of the city (“town center”) took place 1869. The city designated after Noah Sealth, chieftain of the trunks Duwamish and Suquamish, better admit Chief Seattle under the name.

Between 1890 and 1910 the total population of the city versechsfacht itself. To 6. June 1889 destroys a major fire far parts of the city. A dry spring and a strong hoist obstructedthe fight against the flames. In the evening scarcely 26 hectares of the city were destroyed.1909 take place the Alaska Yukon Pacific exhibition on the today's Campus of the University OF Washington . 1914 became one of the first landmarks of Seattle, which opens Smith Tower. Itat that time the highest building was western Mississippi with 159 meters.

As beginning of the modern Seattles the world exhibition is seen to Science center of 1962, within their framework many of the landmarks of the city such as space Needle, key arena (Coliseum), andMonorail developed.

In December 1999 it came at the edge a World Trade Organization - conference in the city to violent arguments between globalization opponents and the police (“Battle OF Seattle “).


Karte von Seattle
map of Seattle

Seattle lies between that Puget sound and the Lake Washington on 47°37'35 " n. B. and 122°19'59 " w.L. The city lies in the shade of the Olympic Mountains lain west; east the Issaquah Alps and the Cascade rank follows. The rivers, lakes and forestswere once very fruitful, so that the original inhabitants trained one of the few established hunter and collecting tank cultures.

The city is quite hilly, whereby the largest upward gradients are in Downtown. The Geografie of the Downtown district was strongly changed over the decades. Was it at the beginning of the settlement still another short, flat and flooded coast with following steep rock slope, one flattened the steep rock slope and poured, in order to terminate the regular inundations, the country at the coast up, so that one today a continuoussteep rise of the coast in the Downtown district finds.

Seattle is dominated beside mountains and hills by the water. At the western side the Puget permits an entrance to the Pacific to sound. Within the city are several seas as for instance that Lake Washington and the Lake union, that are connected with channels. The city has a surface of 369.2 km ². 217,2 km ² of it are country, 152,0 km ² are water. Thus the portion water at the surface of the 41,16% amounts to.

ThoseCity and their environment permit a multiplicity of leisure activities due to their situation from water haven over moving and mountain pastes to winter sports.

Seattle is at the eastern edge of Pacific on a geologically active zone. Several strong earthquakes have the city in theirHistory shakes:

only 83 kilometers southeast from Seattle lies the Mount Rainier, a 4,392 meter high layer volcano, which 1854 broke out last.


Skyline Seattle, Blick von der Space Needle
Skyline Seattle, view of the space Needle

the economy Seattles are certainly from constant on and off. The city received the first economic ascent by the boom of the timber economy. 1897 lead the Klondike - gold fever to a furtherRise, followed of a strong growth of the ship industry.

1916 were created the company Boeing in Seattle, which represents to today a strong restaurant factor in the city. 2001 took Boeing its seat off from Seattle and shifted it after a contestdifferent American cities due to from tax exemptions to Chicago. Regardless of its region Seattle is still the seat of the airliner section and more different different Boeing works as well as Boeing Employees Credit union (BECU).

In recent past Seattle is to one thatCenters of the IT-industry become, which gave on the one hand a strong growth impulse to the city, on the other hand the city also strongly the effects of the end of the new Economy - blister to feel left. The most important of the IT-companies with seat with Seattle is surely the software producer Microsoft.In addition, other well-known IT and telecommunications companies such as Amazon, material network, AT&T Wireless and T-mobile the USA have their seat in Seattle.

Further well-known, in Seattle residents companies e.g. are. those world-wide transacts coffee house chain Starbucks or also the American department store chain North stream.


of the 157 m high „Rainier Tower “in the center of Seattle

Seattle is a cultural center Pacific northwest of the USA. It is the homeland of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra as well as the Seattle Opera and the PacificNorthwest clench.

In the Pop culture Seattle is into the 1990er as starting point of a new skirt music style, the Grunge with their most well-known representatives, the volumes Nirvana, admits become. But also the avant-garde - jazz musicians Bill Frisell and Wayne Horvitz as well as thatRWSby Sir mix A plumb bob and volume Goodness, The Walkabouts and The Presidents OF the the United States OF America originate from Seattle.

Seattle has several art museums like the Consolidated Works, the Frye kind museum, the Henry kind Gallery, the Seattle kind museum and the Seattle Asian kind museum. Besides further museums and cultural facilities have the Burke museum OF Natural History and Culture, which possesses a outstanding collection indianischer art art collections as for instance. Further existin Seattle about one hundred commercial as well as a dozen non-commercial art galleries and studio, which are accessible at least once in the month also to the public. Many of the galleries and Studios are approximately around the Pioneer Square.

Beside the art museums are oneMultiplicity of further museums in Seattle. The “Burke museum OF Natural History and Culture” on the Campus of the university shows a multiplicity of articles from the ranges Botanik, Zoologie and Geografie; furthermore a anthropologische collection with emphasis on indianische peoples of theNorthwest. Maritime history shows the “maritime Heritage museum” at the Lake union. The “museum OF Flight”, which among other things in the original Boeing is resident production work, shows the history of aviation and celebrated recently its 50jähriges existence.

The “Nordic Heritage museum”in ball pool of broadcasting corporations the history of Scandinavian immigrants shows, the “Seattle metropolitan policy museum” at the Pioneer Square the history of the local police. On the Campus of the Seattle center the “Pacific Science center” is, the “Science Fiction museum” and ofPaul Allen donated “Experience music Project “.

The “Seattle aquarium” is to the Elliott Bay waterfront; the “Woodland park zoo” lies in the north of the city.

Seattle became by the way already repeated the city most worth living (`livable most city´) of the USAselected, which understands well, who became acquainted with the city, its situation, its beautiful environment and its cultural and other offer on all fields somewhat more near.


University of Washington
University OF Washington

36% of the population Seattles over 25 has at leasta Bachelor conclusion; 93% have a High School conclusion.

Beside the public educational system there is a set of Privatschulen. Four the High Schools are catholic, one Evangelical-Lutheran, further six are non-denominational. Furthermore there are three Community Colleages in Seattle.

The education in Seattledominated of the University OF Washington. At it more than 38,000 students study, with which it is the largest university in the northwest of the USA. Their Maskottchen are the Huskies. The school colors are gold and lila. Further universities are aboutthe Seattle University, the Jesuit School and the Seattle Pacific University created by Methodists. Further smaller schools dedicate themselves to the training in the ranges art or psychology [

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sons and daughters of the city

partnerships between cities

Seattle maintains a partnership between cities with Beerscheba in Israel, with Izmir in Turkey and with Gdynia in Poland.

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