Sebastian settler

Sebastian settler (* 18. January 1978 in Leipzig) is a German wheel running driver.

After Meistertiteln in the junior and man range and several victories on the road he became in the year 2000 crew world champions in the space tracking. Two years later he achieved the silver medal in this discipline achieved settlers, in addition was it shown successfully with several daily successes during round travels in addition, further in the road profession very.

With the change of TEAG team Köstritzer to the team meadow yard in the year 2004 received Sebastian settler its first professional contract. It showed itself fast as a service provider and won a stage of the peace travel, a daily section of the Hessen round travel and for the conclusion of the season still the Nürnberger old part of town running.

2006 start settlers for the new UCI pro route - team Milram.


  • junior vice-world champion crew pursuit of 1996
  • vice-military world champions crew pursuit of 1997
  • pro log winners Thuringia round travel 1997
  • German master crew pursuit 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003
  • of EM-third single pursuit of 1998
  • world champions crew pursuit of 2000
  • stage winners Thuringia round travel 2000
  • German vice-master single pursuit of 2002
  • vice-world champions crew pursuit of 2002
  • stage winners Hessen round travel 2002, 2004
  • stage winners peace travel of 2004
  • winners Nürnberger old part of town running 2004


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