Sede Boker

Sede Boker, also Sde Boker (hebr.: שדהבוקר “field of the morning”), is a Kibbuz in the central Negev (in the desert area Zin) of about 50 kilometers south of Beerscheba at the road after Mitzpe Ramon.

The Kibbuz Sede Boker belongs to the most well-known at all. That is because of the fact that here the Israeli state founder and former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion had a house; its grave lies few kilometers south the Kibbuz at the “Ben Gurion academy” Midreschet Ben Gurion. This Negev university created by Ben Gurion concerns itself particularly with the question about the use and development of desert areas and it forms a part of the Ben Gurion university of the Negev in Beerscheba.

Sede Boker became to 15. May 1952 of former soldiers based. Ben Gurion occurred in the subsequent year the Kibbuz, after he had laid down his office. Behind Ben Gurions decision to follow the Wüstenkibbuz stood the zionistische dream to bring the desert for flowering. Particularly after the Israeli establishment of state in May 1948 a whole number of such settlements developed, by which aimed the desert should be made agriculturally usable. After few months Ben Gurion went however first again into the policy and withdrew themselves only 1963 finally after Sede Boker, where he died 1973.

The Kibbuz lives today among other things on the agriculture (viticulture, cultivation of fruits). Important routistic objects of interest of the environment are the nabatäische ruin city Avdat and the oasis of EN Avdat.

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