a Seelsorger is in the religious understanding of the term a person, who the Seelsorge calls itself, in the Christian context every now and then also as Pastoral, dedicates.

In accordance with catholic understanding it concerns with the Seelsorger primarily the bishop, priest or deacon, the strength of itsreligious office concern carries entrusted humans for it for the welfare of the souls.

Against the normative understanding of the catholic church right the term “Seelsorger” is expanded in the meantime often also on full-time layman coworkers (e.g. Pastoralassistenten, Pastoralreferenten among other things). It would be more correct, from church coworkers in the seelsorglichen serviceto speak.

It is also important to note that to and for itself the Christian welfare covers not only the mental-mental, but also the physical dimension of the people unity. The welfare of God (in the Christian understanding) is not excluding jenseitige size, but has also body-detention-concrete consequences in this terrestrial world, which corresponds to the inkarnatorischen dynamics of the Christianity.

Generally linguistic usage assumes one however a Seelsorger worries primarily about the mental-mental well-being of others.

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