of the titles of this article is ambiguous. For further meanings see sea-meadows (term clarifying).

Sea-meadows is a small researcher village at the Esssee, Gemarkung ash ring, today part of the municipality Pöcking in Upper Bavaria; apart convenient between Starnberger lake and bunting lake, approximately 50 km south of Munich.

Selected the name sea-meadows the directors of establishment Erich of get and Konrad Lorenz for starting from 1955 on free field the established of institute for Max-Planck for behavior physiology after the structure of the surrounding area. Later they regretted occasionally this choice, there the place name to mistakes with other one, places of the same name led again and again. The official inauguration of the plants became in the year 1958 by the Nobelpreisträger Professor. Otto cock made.


  • postal code: 82319

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