sea-tongue (Solea solea)
Row: Fish (Pisces)
class: Bone fish (Osteichthyes)
subclass: Strahlenflosser (Actinopterygii)
putting above: Genuine bone fish (Teleostei)
order: Flat fish (Pleuronectiformes)
family: Tongues (Soleidae)
kind: Sea-tongue
scientific name
Solea solea
(Linneaeus, 1758)

the sea-tongue (Solea solea) is one of the most in demand and most expensive food fish. The sea-tongue becomes in the North Sea imprisoned, particularly in the Wattenmeer. It lives individually in small depth. The sea-tongue is a flat fish. Their lower surface is light-grey to white, the top side brownishly with smaller marks, depending upon habitat gives it to color deviations. The sea-tongue has firm, white meat. It can be gedünstet or roasted and as a whole fish is mostly served. The expensive sea-tongue (English. Dover brine) can easily with the not so valuable red tongue (English. lemon brine) to be confounded. Their meat is not completely so firm and taste intensive, their top side is darker to black.

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