Strike silk women” silk (Hui Tsung, China, 12. Jh.)
Seidenraupenkokons in Khotan
Seidentuch/ Foulard im klassischen Équipagestil
silk cloth Foulard in the classical Équipagestil

silk is a fine textile fiber, which from the Kokons of the silk crawler-type vehicle, which larva of the silk crank is won.It is the only textile Endlos-Faser occurring in nature. She originally probably comes from China and was an important commodity, which was transported over the silk road to Europe; also today the principal part in China is produced, Japan and India are further important producer countries.

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already old China knew silk. Their origin lies for instance in the 3. Millenium v. Chr.and rather of legends umrankt, there would be exact years. After the legend the legendary emperor Fu Xi is to have come as the first on the thoughts to use silk crawler-type vehicles on the production from garbs to. Fu Xi is considered also as an inventorone with silk threads covered stringed instrument. The legend calls still another further famous emperor: Shennong to win the “God of the agriculture”, which is to have taught the people cultivate Maulbeerbäume and hemp in order silk and Hanfleinen. Xiling, the wife of the yellow one Emperor Huáng Dì, has allegedly in the 3. Millenium v. Chr. the people the use from Kokons and silk to the production of articles of clothing taught.

It was forbidden with death penalty bringing the crawler-type vehicles or their eggs abroad. In the year it succeeded to 555 however to two monks to smuggle some eggs to the Byzantine emperor. With these eggs and the knowledge, which they had acquired with their stay in China over the raising of silk cranks, now was also outside of of China oneProduction of silk possible. All silk crank crawler-type vehicles in Europe descend this very day from these smuggled eggs.

In 17. to 19. Century was the German city Krefeld at the Niederrhein the most important silk metropolis of the world. To the most famous customers of the precious textile productsfrom in such a way baptized “including and silk city” the French emperor Napoleon and the Prussian king Friedrich II. belonged. 1828 came it in the context of the increasing discontent of the German webers also into Krefeld to rebellions of the silk webers. They protested approximatelythe wage cuts of the company of the Leyen.


according to kind of the production one differentiates between Maulbeerseide, which results from the breed of crawler-type vehicles, which nourish themselves of the sheets of the Maulbeerbaums, and game oaths, for their productionthe Kokons of butterflies already slipped to be used.

With the production of Maulbeerseide the crawler-type vehicles are killed by immersing the Kokons into cooking water or over water vapour, afterwards the silk thread, consisting of the protein substance Fibroin, can be completed. By thata smooth textile surface can develop for long silk thread. With the Tussahseide however, since the slipped butterfly leaves a hole in the Kokon, only short threads can be won; Game oath fabric has thereby a characteristically irregular noppige surface, which results from Fadenverdickungen.

Over into thatPossession from silk to to arrive, one must the threads, into which the silk crank in-winds itself, of the Kokon abhaspeln. But around quality silk to attain, special conditions are decisive with the raising of the silk crawler-type vehicles, which were in former times kept secret. These would be allowed to do the causebeen for the Mysterium its, which surrounded silk for many centuries.

different silk qualities

  • Bouretteseide
  • Dupionseide
  • hasp silk
  • Maulbeerseide
  • Noileseide
  • Schappeseide
  • Tussahseide


from protein , can it is formed for characteristics there as natural PP - fiber to be designated.Due to their chemical composition and the special, almost triangular form of the fiber their characteristics differ somewhat of those synthetic polyamide fibers.

Silk is characterised by its gloss and its high tensile strength and works isolating against cold weather and warmth. Itcan store up to a third of its weight at water. Silk bends few to the Knittern. On silk materials particularly brilliant colors are obtained. Silk is sensitive opposite high temperatures, abrasion and Wasserflecken. During intensive incident light radiation the colors and silk fadeyellowed.

Due to the Wasserempfindlichkeit silk materials must be washed carefully with the hand; probably they can be however chemically cleaned. Is ironed from left at middle temperature (stage 2). A Chlorbleiche and a Tumblertrocknung are not possible.

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