Alfreds Sisley: L'automne: Board de la its pres Bougival (autumn: the banks of the Seine close Bougival), 1873

the Seine (Latin/celtic: Sequana) is a river in north France. It flows from the east to the west and flowswith Le Havre into the English Channel. At 776 km length is it the third-longest river of France. The catchment area of the Seine covers about 75,000 km ².

Important cities on the Seine are Paris, Troyes and Rouen, in Parisand Rouen are therefore the most important inland ports of France.

The bank promenade of the Seine in Paris is located in the list of the world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. The main supplies are Aube, Marne and Oise of the north and Yonne and your from the south.Further supplies are Loing, Essonne, Epte, Andelle, Risle. Over channels it is connected with Schelde , Maas , Rhine , Saône and Loire. At the underflow of the river in the area of normandy enormous loops have themselvesformed. The navigable length (to the Nogent sur Seine) amounts to 560 km. Ocean giants can drive up to 120 km on the river into the interior.

for the sources of Seine

the source of the Seine is appropriate for 30 km on the plateau northwest from Langres,of Dijon in the Département Côte D' Or in Burgund, 470 meters over the sea level. A characteristic is that the sources of the Seine are since 1864 property of the city Paris. An artificial Grotte was established one year later, around the main sourceto protect, and the statue of a Nymphe set up, which is to symbolize the river. The capital lost meanwhile the interest in the plot and returned it to the region Burgund. Close ones of the source are remnants of a gallo Roman temple, inthat one admired a Dea Sequana (river goddess) and its archaeological finds today in the archaeological museum of Dijon to be.

Seine valley

the Seine valley with its small upward gradient and the many Mäandern is admits for its numerous locks (“Seine locks”),in addition, the automobile industry, Petrochemie and several power stations.

Its was also the name of a French Départements, which was divided 1968 in four Départements: Paris (75), Hauts-de-Seine (92), Seine Saint Denis (93) and Val de Marne (94). The ordinal number 75, toDépartement its belonged, remained thereby Paris whereby the past alphabetical sequence of the Départements was however hurt.

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