Selena Quintanilla Perez

Selena Quintanilla Perez (born Selena Quintanilla, * 16. April 1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas, the USA; † 31. March 1995) was an Mexican-American Tejano - singer. By its early death it became in Mexico and the USA the legend. Also today it is still one of the most popular Latina singers. Selena always changed the Latin Musikindustrie.

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the early years

Selena in Lake Jackson, Texas, was born and buildup in corpus Christi , where their musical career began. Its father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., was a singer the original lots Dinos from 1957 to 1972 and discovered the musical talent of his children. Selena, its brother A. B. III (bass) and its sister Suzette (Schlagzeug) the second generation the lots Dinos became. The other two initial members were Ricky Vela at the key board and Roger Garcia at the guitar.

Selena had their first appearance before public as eight-year old in the Mexican restaurant of their father in Lake Jackson. Their first photographs developed at the age of nine years. In its youth time Selena was regular on route. It terminated the High School by remote conclusion and traveled further in its route bus by the country.

After successful albums such as alpha (1986) and Muñequito de Trapo (1986) could receive Selena its first price: With the Tejano music Awards 1987 won Selena with only 15 years the price for the entertainer OF the Year. Thus also Jose Behar of the music label EMI Latin became attentive to it. It was on the search for the new Gloria Estefan. 1989 were taken it by Capitol EMI under contract.

the break-through

already its 1990er album Ven Conmigo reached gold status. By the hit Baila Esta Cumbia became Selena for the first time a larger public admits. Impressed by Selena, Coca Cola took it under contract. Coca Cola saw in it the suitable advertising person for the recent Latin community and produced several advertising spots with it. Their final musical break-through came 1992: Its album Entre A mi Mundo catapulted Selena cord TRACK of 0 to 1. To owe it had this above all the Song Como la Flor. Also today this Evergreen is still one of their most popular songs and became its brand name. Their first music video however was turned not to Como la Flor, but to La Carcacha, which became likewise a hit.

Acknowledgment before the entire music world attained Selena for the first time with the Grammy Awards 1994. Its 1993er album live one!, was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Mexican American album contained photographs of a concert in corpus Christi as well as new Studioaufnahmen and won.

Its album Amor Prohibido (1994) became it lifetimes most successful album: Hits such as Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, NO ME queda más and also the title TRACK of the same name Amor Prohibido ripened to Kultsongs and enjoy also today of still large popularity. Selenas last music video (NO ME queda más) developed 1994 in San Antonio, Texas. Also Amor Prohibido was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Selena holds the record to meet the size of crowd in astrodomes in Houston: 1993 wanted to see Selena over 67.000 fans with the Houston live stick show and Rodeo - show. Selenas probably most well-known concert is at the same time their the latter: To 26. February 1995 astrodomes met, in order to see singer live well-known as „La Reina del Tex Mex the “over 64.000 fans in the Houston.

Apart from its career as a singer Selena was active also as Kleidungsdesignerin. It opened two fashion shops in corpus Christi and San Antonio, both under the label Selena etc. Selena had likewise up-pushed the door to the play world: In the film Don Juan DeMarco acts like it beside Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando and Faye Dunaway a Mariachisängerin. For the sound TRACK it took up four Songs. After Selenas death some with their before scenes from the film, already turned off, were cut.

family & private life

in the course of the time were replaced to Roger Garcia as a guitarist by Chris Perez. Perez and Selena fell in love into one another; although the relationship encountered strict refusal on the part of Selenas father, both surprisingly to 02 married. April 1992. - No matter, as far Selenas career progressed - she was always closely connected with their family. Together the entire family Quintanilla/Quintanilla Perez in corpus Christi lived.


a woman named Yolanda Saldivar worked itself into the closest friend circle of the singer highly. It became Managerin of the fashion shops and besides the president of Selenas fan club erkoren.

1995 found the Quintanillas out that Saldivar suppressed and into the own bag managed money of the fashion shops and of the fan club. They decided to dismiss Saldivar. While the remainder of the family turned away from Saldivar, Selena believed further in its friend - until it was too late: In the morning 31. March 1995 visited Selena Yolanda Saldivar in the corpus Christi Days Inn, in order to be able to be handed out missing documents. In the room 158 it came to the controversy between the two. When Selena wanted to leave the hotel room, Saldivar shot it in the backs and hurt a Hauptarterie. Although Selena was heavily hurt, she ran the whole way of the room over the lawns to the hotel lobby, where she broke down. Selena could call the aids still the name of the Mörderin and the room number, before she became unconscious. Although assistance arrived immediately, it could not be saved any longer: Selena Quintanilla Perez died in a local hospital around 13:05 local time.

In October 1995 Saldivar before a Houstoner court was transferred as Mörderin Selenas and condemned to life imprisonment.

the legend lives far

Selenas death shocked Latinos and not Latinos in the whole USA. Main television stations interrupted their current programs, in order to report of the death of the popular singer. Selena was acted already during lifetimes as „the Mexican Madonna “. The loss for the Latino community was very large. Many compared Selenas death with those from John Lennon and US president John F. Kennedy. To star, those the Quintanillas their Kondolenz discussions, belonged also music size such as Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias and Madonna.

To Selenas funeral more than 60,000 came mourning, many of it from the foreign country.

In the summer 1995 Selenas long waiting width unit, first English-language album, appeared on which she had worked to short before her death still. Dreaming OF you , a combination of new English TRACKs such as I could case in Love and Dreaming OF you and Spanish Songs such as Tú, sólo tú as well as unite Remixen of Selenas spanischsprachigen hit such as Techno Cumbia, debütierte as new number 1 the Billboard - Musikcharts in the USA. Selena was a first Spanish artist, to who this succeeded. On the first sales day over 175.000 CDs of Dreaming OF were sold you - no other artist created ever again. Until today over five million albums by Dreaming OF you alone in the USA were sold.

The People - magazine published an expenditure for intending in honours Selenas - such an extra charge was only published up to now for two further persons: Grace Kelly and Diana. Since also in the north of the country the demand was enormously large, had for the first time in the history of the People - magazine an expenditure to be reprinted. In addition Selena was the cause to publish a Spanish expenditure of the magazine: People EN Español.

George W. Bush, the governor at that time von Texas, appointed to 12. April 1995 the 16. April 1995, Selenas 24. Birthday, to the Selena Day.

Owing to Selenas family gives it in its hometown to corpus Christi several memories at Selena: Both a Selena museum and a bronze statue in life size are only some the popular Selena attractions in corpus Christi.

Also Jennifer Lopez owes its break-through to Selena: It played the main role in the motion picture film Selena - an American dream from the year 1997. Not least owing to Selenas of meanwhile enormous popularity the film becomes success in the USA and many spanischsprachigen countries. Also Jennifer Lopez profited from it, receives new orders for film and begins with their first disk photographs.

Selena holds several world records: According to the Guinness book of the records Selenas were albums in the months after their murder at the point of the American Latin Charts. To 6. They had taken and were represented May 1995 the first five places also all in the US-Charts of the PopAlben. In one period of 21 months the albums of Selena were five times the number 1 in the Latin Charts.

A large tribute concert named ¡ Selena Vive!, in which over 50.000 fans participated, found to 7. April 2005, one week after that 10. Anniversary of their death, in the Reliant stage in Houston instead of, directly beside that astrodomes, in which Selenas last concert took place. Latin Musikstars such as Gloria Estefan, Thalía, Paulina Rubio and the Kumbia Kings, those its brother A.B. Ш in the life called, zollten the singer in this evening tribute. ¡ Selena Vive! regards since then the record as the usually-seen Spanish TV program in US history.

Selena enjoys also today of still world-wide largest popularity - each year appear new CDs and DVDs of the Texanerin and fan pilgern also further after corpus Christi, in order to visit their grave.


  • lady un Beso [Give ME A kiss]
  • Dulce Amor [Sweet Love]
  • Baila Esta Cumbia [thanks ton this Cumbia]
  • NO Quiero Saber [I don't wanna know]
  • Buenos Amigos (Duet with Alvaro Torres) [Good Friends]
  • Como la Flor [Like the Flower]
  • La Carcacha [The old car]
  • NO Debes Jugar [You shouldn't play]
  • La Llamada [The phone call]
  • Donde quiera que estés (Duet with Barrio Boyzz) [Wherever you acres]
  • Amor Prohibido [Forbidden Love]
  • NO ME queda más [There's emergency-hung left for ME]
  • photo y Recuerdos [photo and MEMORies]
  • Bidi Bidi Bom Bom [Bidi Bidi Bom Bom]
  • Techno Cumbia [Techno Cumbia]
  • I could case in Love
  • Dreaming OF you
  • Tú, soló tú [You, only you]
  • Siempre hooks Frío [It's always cold]
  • Disco Medley (I wants survive/Funky Town/load thanks/The Hustle/on The radio) (of live @ astrodomes, Houston, 1995) [load Concert]


  • Selena y lot Dinos/RH release: Badly race Grabaciones (1984)/(1995)
  • The new Girl in Town (1985)
  • alpha (1986)
  • Muñequito de Trapo (1986)
  • and the Winner is… (1987)
  • Preciosa (1988)
  • Dulce Amor (1988)
  • Selena (1989)
  • 16 super Exitos of original [badly Primeros Exitos] (1990)
  • Ven Conmigo (1990)
  • personnel Best (1990)
  • Entre A mi Mundo (1992)
  • Baila Esta Cumbia (Mexican release) (1992)
  • Selena y Emilio - entertainer OF the Year (1992)
  • live one! (1993)
  • Badly Mejores Canciones - 17 super Exitos (1993)
  • Quiero (Mexican release) (1993)
  • Selena (1994)
  • Amor Prohibido (US release) (1994)
  • Amor Prohibido (Mexican release) (1994)
  • Selena y lot Barrio Boyzz - 10 super Exitos (1994)
  • 12 super Exitos (1994)
  • Como la Flor (Venezuelan release) (1994)
  • Selena y Graciela Beltran - Reinas del Pueblo (1995) read
  • Dreaming OF you (1995)
  • Grandes Exitos (1995)
  • Exitos Del Recuerdo/Exitos y Recuerdos (Canada release) (1995)
  • badly race Grabaciones [Selena y lot Dinos] (RH release) (1995)
  • Exitos y Recuerdos [Exitos Del Recuerdo] (1996)
  • Siempre Selena (1996)
  • The Selena Collection (1997)
  • Selena - EAST - sound TRACK (1997)
  • Selena - EAST - sound TRACK - Score (1997)
  • Exitos y Recuerdos/Exitos Del Recuerdo (1997)
  • Anthology (1998)
  • universe My hit/Todos badly Exitos (volume 1) (1999)
  • universe My hit/Todos badly Exitos (volume 2) (2000)
  • sing Along Karaoke (2000)
  • to Selena y Sus Inicios volume 1 (2000)
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  • Amor Prohibido (US version) (RH release) (2002)
  • Dreaming OF you (the RH releases) (2002)
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  • live one - The load Concert (RH release) (2002)
  • Ones (CD) & (CD + DVD) (2002)
  • Selena y Sus Inicios volume 2 (2003)
  • Greatest hit (CD) & (CD + DVD) (2003)
  • Selena y Sus Inicios volume 1 (RH release) (2003)
  • Selena y Sus Inicios volume 2 (the RH releases) (2004)
  • Momentos Intimos (2004)
  • Selena y Sus Inicios volume 3 (2004)
  • Selena y Sus Inicios volume 4 (2004)
  • Remembered would run ago, ago music, ago Dream (CD + DVD) & (DVD) (2005)
  • Unforgettable (Studio album) (2005)
  • Unforgettable (live album) (2005)
  • Unforgettable (Studio album + live album) (2005)
  • Unforgettable (Studio album + live album + Greatest hit DVD + Remembered DVD) (Ultimate edition) (2005)
  • ¡ Selena Vive! (CD + DVD/DVD)
  • Selena & Ana Barbara - DOS Historias (CD) & (CD + DVD) (2006)

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