Semjon Michailowitsch Budjonny

marshal Semjon Michailowitsch Budjonny (right in the picture) with bosses of the general staff Wassilewski

Semjon Michailowitsch Budjonny (Russian СемёнМихайловичБудённый (* 13. April 25. April 1883 in Kosjurin with Woronesch, † 27. October 1973 in Moscow), marshal of the Soviet Union, three-way hero of the Soviet Union, supervisor of the red army and army leader.

It was born as a son of poor farmers in close proximity to Woronesch. 1903 it joined the tsarist army. In the First World War he was a Wachtmeister in a Dragoon regiment.

It led larger Kavallerieverbände in the Russian civil war (1918 - 1921 ). At the point of the 1. It fought to red rider army against Anton Iwanowitsch Denikin (1872 - 1947), general white these tables of the troops and in the Polish-Soviet war of 1920.

From 1924 to 1937 Budjonny was an inspector of the Kavallerietruppen. To 20. November 1935 he was appointed the marshal. In the year 1938 it became member of the central committee of the CPSU. In the Second World War it exercised high functions in the Red Army, was commander in chief of the southwest front and the Caucasus front.

Since January 1943 it befehligte the Kavallerie of the Soviet army. 1946 one selected it into the highest Soviet.

Budjonny rendered large services around the Russian horse breeding, when he gave 1921 against a decree of Lenin, who had forbidden each private possession at horses and had dissolved all state studs, the instruction for the reestablishment of state studs. Some races, like the Orlow Rostoptschin and the Strelezker had become extinct, with all much quality had at this time already been lost. As a leader of the Don Kosaken decrease/go back in particular the receipt of the Don horse, in addition, the Kabardiner, Ukrainer and Tersker to its energetic employment in the sense of a qualitatively high-quality horse breeding . Beyond that it arranged the structure of the breed of a new race after its conceptions, which received its name - Budjonny -.

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note: Double data are first of all indicated in accordance with Julian calendar, which applied in Russia up to the October Revolution 1917, secondly in accordance with in the west since that 16. /18. Jh. used Gregorian calendar. See also: Wikipedia: Name conventions/cyrillic


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